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Synonyms for mingy

(used of persons or behavior) characterized by or indicative of lack of generosity

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I WRITE in total disgust at our new government's handling of the VE Day celebrations and the mingy allowance of TV broadcast time allowed to show a new young generation just what freedom in Europe meant to those of us who lived through that war.
You get a mingy pounds 30 for each pic they print, and a mere couple of hundred for your first proper photoshoot.
Consider the snowmelt once known as Martha Stewart, another indefatigable narcissist, reduced to a puddle of cake frosting for a mingy bit of insider trading while the gnomes of Enron have (so far) gone scot-free for the biggest robbery in US history.
49pm-a mingy two-carriage mini that would have been outlawed on the BidstonWrexham line.
Having regard to his behaviour I would have thought Mingy would have been more appropriate.