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Synonyms for mingy

(used of persons or behavior) characterized by or indicative of lack of generosity

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Having regard to his behaviour I would have thought Mingy would have been more appropriate.
Ugly: Mongoose, mingy, scabby, shabby, gonk, gross, bat, busted, bruk- up.
She's playing Shamrock Sevens, a poker game that rewards a hand of three sevens with a din of electronic Irish music, a digital leprechaun who announces, "Aye, a pot o' gold for ye!" and a mingy bonus.
What Tsavliris hasn't realised is that doling out money (especially when you've got 50 million quid) doesn't begin to compare to living with a mingy, penny-pinching control freak who imagines equality in a relationship is about money, who has a superiority complex with no good reason and who wouldn't be able to get a woman to come within 500 miles of him if he couldn't afford to buy their affection.
It goes without saying that mingy Michelle's ruthless suffocation of stupid Stuart continues apace.
Since, in the view of some observers, the government would have to step in anyway with help for group life companies and their policyholders in the event of a catastrophic attack, why is the White House being so mingy about it?
"last mingy decades" (72), is found in "Some Thoughts
While the licensing fees may indeed be "mingy," they do represent another income stream for writers, and an opportunity for readers to discover a vast range of books, including previously overlooked ones.
Mingy and Aoki are going to run the Aoki Lee Foundation and they're going to be like a big foundation that has an endowment and they're going to give, one of them, and the other one's going to run a business.
But to be fair to Mingy and Gordon, Dave's proposals get more bizarre by the hour: taxing flatscreen TVs and driving to the supermarket doesn't float my boat and the Conservative Chat Show is still to come.
Sometimes the two word pairs are related (MINGY STAN--STINGY MAN).