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the activity of detecting and disposing of marine mines

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ARCIMS (Remote Combined Influence Minesweeping System) is a "system of systems" approach to minesweeping, capable of autonomously identifying and disposing a variety of mines.
Western sanction against Tehran have increased tensions and the US has sent additional minesweeping ships which now number eight, and two aircraft carriers to the 5th Fleet.
Thigh whopper: Navy chief Admiral Habibollah Sayyari laughed at the upcoming Western minesweeping exercise in the Persian Gulf.
After the war he served in minesweeping flotillas in Singapore.
Later, the Hazard was transferred from the ice of the Arctic to the heat of the Mediterranean, minesweeping for the Malta convoys.
and Britain to hold minesweeping drill near Bahrain until Oct 30.
As the author says, he does not pretend to relate the complete story of antisubmarine and minesweeping warfare.
For Patrick, that included units from Western Massachusetts that have been engaged in minesweeping and civilian reconstruction efforts.
Iraqi Government in Talks to Buy Minesweeping Devices
Steve's shed, Bodger's Paradise, features a homemade Royal Dutch Navy Minesweeping crest on the door.
The Dance Class vessels of World War II were armed trawlers of the Royal Navy used for anti-submarine and minesweeping work.
Duties included anything from operating radio signals or manning checkpoints or storerooms, to minesweeping.
During the Second World War, he made five trips to the beaches of Dunkirk on board HMS Salamander, went minesweeping to Arkhangel on Russia's northern coast and supported the Allied landing in Sicily in 1943.
In September, the service unveiled a transportable "mine warfare mission package" that will one day replace current minesweeping boats, which are scheduled for retirement in 2016.
A group of squad members also conducted a drill to quickly board an MH-53E minesweeping helicopter during the short period between landing and takeoff.