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the branch of geology that studies minerals: their structure and properties and the ways of distinguishing them

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The analysis, published in the April American Mineralogist, even provides clues about where scientists and rock hounds should look and what recipes and atomic arrangements such minerals might have.
Plate tectonics is leading to a permanent renewal of the ocean floors, the mineralogist explained.
Merz and Johann Heinrich Kopp, published Systematisch tabellarische Ubersicht und Charakteristik der Mineralien ("Systematic tabulated overview of the properties of minerals"), and in 1807 he founded a magazine specifically for mineralogists and mineral collectors, called Taschenbuch fur die gesammte Mineralogie ("Notebook for the whole of mineralogy").
Since its foundation on the initiative of Dr Tonci Balic-Zunic in 2006 the network, sponsored by Nordforsk, has been acting as a coordinator of advanced study courses for post-graduate students, research contacts for scientists and integration of the community of mineralogists.
LEADING mineralogists from across Europe have been learning lessons about environmental best practice during a visit to an opencast coal mine in Northumberland.
This atlas of migmatites, heterogeneous rocks often found in continental crusts, is designed for geologists and mineralogists who need a reference for identifying and classifying these substances in the field.
In the early 19th century, there was no universal way of comparing the hardness of rocks and minerals, and there was a definite need for it by metallurgists, mineralogists and gemmologists.
No wonder that clay minerals, clay raw materials, many different argillaceous accumulations, and soils are intensively studied by mineralogists, petrologists, geologists, clay- and soil scientists, chemists, physicists and engineers of engaged technological branches.
Palaeontologists and mineralogists carefully examined the soil surrounding Miss Todd's body to compare it with that found in the area of Stephenson's tent.
6) he refined the method of microscopic measurement of refractive index by immersion practiced by mineralogists generally and currently in a critical, NIST-advocated technique for distinguishing asbestos minerals.
Investigation of a Gallo-Roman earring, using the new techniques, has shown, however, that its emerald came from the Swat Valley in Pakistan, a deposit which mineralogists had believed was only discovered in the 1950s.
As an outraged citizen, Kitchen was a distinct minority in the lineup of high-priced lawyers, officials of affected businesses, doctors, public health officials, and industry-hired mineralogists.
Further investigation and due diligence of the property and surrounding region are being conducted by Bolivar's experienced team of engineers, geologists, and mineralogists.
Mineralogists and geochemists review the current status of non-traditional isotope geochemistry from analytical, theoretical, and experimental approaches to the analysis of natural samples.
The idea appealed to other mineralogists, who then applied it to the naming of non-REE minerals as well.