mineral kingdom

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all inorganic objects

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In 1980 the Zweibels moved their business to Houston, Texas (changing the name to Mineral Kingdom), and in 1987 they moved again, back to Bank Street in New York City.
(1968) The Mineral Kingdom. Gorsset & Dunlap, New York, 252 p.
These things speak to our sense of beauty, and thus we cherish such 'imperfect' crystals both as splendid creations of nature and as playful denizens of the mineral kingdom."
Evolution--change through time--happens in the mineral kingdom as well, scientists say.
In passing to the vegetable world from the mineral kingdom, we behold, for the first time manifested, a sentient form.
The leading candidate in ongoing research for an explanation of minerality is, in fact, part of the mineral kingdom, one of the few downright famous for its odor: sulfur.
There have been 19 reforms to the federal law involving ecological concerns--including the banning of smoking in federal buildings and making a change to the article in the Constitution, so that the differences between the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdom are specified.
The Kitab al-shifa' is not only the first work in which the three kingdoms in natural history, as they later became known, were treated together systematically, it also contains the most extensive discussion of geology and the mineral kingdom of any classical Islamic work.
There are particular themes that arise with patients needing medicines from the mineral kingdom. Think structure--structure of one's home, one's life, one's concerns.
IDA EKBLAD'S 2009 VIDEO In Exile from the Mineral Kingdom begins with a percussive flourish: In a tightly framed shot, we see somebody whacking pieces of scrap metal with a stick.