mineral deficiency

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lack of a mineral micronutrient that is essential for normal nutrition or metabolism

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I have seen it, but it can always be reversed and every case I have seen has been reversed with better diet, because it's all about mineral deficiency.
It is because this mineral deficiency symptom is so recognized and serious that every effort is made to make sure the cows get enough magnesium.
Reich became convinced that mineral deficiency produced acidosis, leading to diseases.
The problem was a mineral deficiency and within a month of correcting this she was sleeping peacefully.
uk, where, while waiting for an appointment with their GP under the National Health Service, Brits can find out what vitamin or mineral deficiency underlies their symptoms.
Virus disease or mineral deficiency is usually suspected by the grower - but in most cases the symptoms are just a reaction to the fluctuating temperature and light levels.
The Chinese Health Ministry and the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) have undertaken a massive drive to reduce the damage done by vitamin and mineral deficiency.
Yellow foliage on Peruvian lilies is a sign of mineral deficiency.
This rice line would be of significant nutritional value to developing nations where mineral deficiency is common," Rutger says.
Other factors which can lead to a cramp include electrolyte imbalance and mineral deficiency.
There is also a lot of good evidence to show that underweight people are more likely to be infertile and suffer from infections and vitamin and mineral deficiency.
Functional tests, which reveal vitamin or mineral deficiency by changes in a person's behavior, may help provide earlier dues to nutrient shortages.
Magnesium is a powerful anecdote to arrhythmia; an irregular heartbeat that is often attributed to a mineral deficiency.
The research, which was conducted by Healthspan, analysed 2,000 people and revealed every day symptoms show if one has a vitamin or mineral deficiency.