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solid homogeneous inorganic substances occurring in nature having a definite chemical composition

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composed of matter other than plant or animal

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He tarries not for such an obstacle, but, rending it asunder a thousand feet from peak to base, discloses its treasures of hidden minerals, its sunless waters, all the secrets of the mountain's inmost heart, with a mighty fracture of rugged precipices on each side.
Commercial Minerals Company) stones, ground with as much care as the lens of a telescope.
It does not pay to "fly" minerals and oil a mile farther than is necessary; but the risks of transhipping to submersibles in the ice pack off Nain or Hebron are so great that these heavy freighters fly down to Halifax direct, and scent the air as they go.
He once nearly threw out of the window another cadet who had begun to tease him about his collection of minerals.
I traded for postage-stamps, for minerals, for curios, for birds' eggs, for marbles (I had a more magnificent collection of agates than I have ever seen any boy possess--and the nucleus of the collection was a handful worth at least three dollars, which I had kept as security for twenty cents I loaned to a messenger-boy who was sent to reform school before he could redeem them).
We followed in his wake a space, then dropped down a zigzag trail that he disdained into a group of noble redwoods that stood about a pool of water murky with minerals from the mountain side.
As if, with my head in its present throbbing state, you couldn't go and look at the shells and minerals and things provided for you, instead of circuses
Titanohematite has recently been found to be the dominant magnetic mineral at three sites--a lava field and two sedimentary basins--indicating to the scientists who found it that it may not be as rare as people think.
OTCBB:WITM) is pleased to announce that it has been advised by AfriOre (Pty) Limited ("AfriOre") that AfriOre has received New Order Prospecting Rights under South Africa's Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act thus allowing for further exploration to progress at the FSC gold project.
The company is aggressively pursuing opportunities to develop working interests in mineral properties that offer short time to production as well as significant upside exploration potential.
These data are historical resource estimates under National Instrument 43-101, which have not been sufficiently verified by a qualified person to be classified as current mineral resources.
PK) has announced that it has completed the purchase of Mineral Info, Inc.
This historical resource estimate is not conforming under National Instrument 43-101, which has not been sufficiently verified by a qualified person to be classified as current mineral resources.
is a leading producer of specialty mineral products with a particular focus on naturally occurring minerals and pigment applications.
Bradford, "we estimated the combined undiluted measured and indicated mineral resource at Hwini Butre and Benso to be 5.