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Some HPTs that engineers could recommend are enemy scatterable munition systems, tactical minefields, and enemy breaching assets.
A team of mine clearance workers are assembled on a dirt road around a hastily erected whiteboard, plastered with laminated spreadsheets and satellite maps of minefield 1381.
As a combat medic Paul went into a minefield and helped three of his comrades with limbs blown off - giving them life-saving first aid - before he, too, was injured in a blast and thought he was going to die.
More than two decades after Diana famously walked through the south-west African country's minefields, Harry delivered a speech urging leaders not to leave the work "half done".
Craig spent two days familiarizing himself with the UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP), where he toured an active minefield -- recently identified by the UN Mine Action Service (UNMAS).
Near the village of Yaroun in Bint Jbeil, Hussein Hammoud watched as his three children played near a marked minefield. Luckily, the snow snow has not obscured warning signs in this village.
The investment for Bozymchak minefield is already allocated and the project is running; Taldybulak minefield will start operating in the beginning of 2015, and Tash-Kumyr ferroalloy plant will start work in the first half of the year, Sariyev said.
A grim, gripping and undeniably powerful British war film that depicts what happened on a single day in 2006 when a squad of Parachute Regiment soldiers became trapped in minefield in Afghanistan's Helmand Province.
It was within days that we started to map up the minefield locations, secure the fences, destroy ordnance left lying around, recover bodies ...
SANA'A, May 06 (Saba) - An engineering team of the armed forces has cleared a minefield planted by al-Qaeda terrorists in Saeed and Dhalah areas in Shabwa province.
Peas & Queues: The Minefield Of Modern Manners by Sandi Toksvig (Profile Books; PS12.99 in hardback, ebook PS6.64) Sandi Toksvig has used the confusing world of modern manners and cyberspace etiquette as the basis for her latest literary offering, Peas & Queues: The Minefield of Modern Manners.
NNA - In a press release by the British Embassy in Beirut, it said "British Ambassador to Lebanon Tom Fletcher visited a minefield marking and de-mining operation of the Mines Advisory Group (MAG) Lebanon in the village of Deir Dourit in the Chouf region, in the framework of UK's support of the Mines Advisory Group in Lebanon to update the National Landmine and UXO Contamination Survey for Lebanon, in partnership with the LAF, along with a programme of minefield marking and mine risk awareness training." Release added "Ambassador Fletcher was accompanied by Lord Michael Williams, newly appointed Chairman of the Mines Advisory Group, as well as MAG Chief Executive Officer, MAG Regional Operations Manager and MAG Lebanon Country Director.
20 ( ANI ): Princess Diana's close pal has revealed that the mum-of-two was convinced she was going to get killed during her trip to the Angolan minefield.
Any consumer interested in the changing world of home mortgages and loans will find key Navigating the Mortgage Minefield, a real estate primer offering a toolbox of invaluable observations, from self-assessments for choosing the best loan features to explanations of mortgage note obligations, borrower's rights, and more.