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extracted from a source of supply as of minerals from the earth


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However, says Church, for the large gold deposits currently being mined in the Carlin trend in Nevada, many are hosted in carbonate rock, and the water from them is alkaline rather than acidic.
In reclaiming mined areas for hayland/pasture, bulldozers and tractors must flatten the land and enable a uniform grass to form.
According to the 1999 National Academy of Sciences report Hardrock Mining on Federal Lands, more than 157,000 acres are already being mined or are affected by active mining exploration.
Selling lands to be mined, on the other hand, was associated with attracting "a new class of men.
The sad irony, she says, is that virtually all of the gold mined is used for frivolous applications.
As a result we mined at least 20 percent more coal than we would have otherwise.
An analysis to determine the feasibility of building a conventional mill to process company mined ore, as well as the potential for toll milling.