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extracted from a source of supply as of minerals from the earth


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In reclaiming mined areas for hayland/pasture, bulldozers and tractors must flatten the land and enable a uniform grass to form.
(This is in contrast to acidity that is produced as a result of weathering of mineralized rock that has not been mined, called "acid rock drainage" by the mining industry.) In short, AMD is acidic water, in the worst cases so acidic as to dissolve metal tools.
"That won't go on forever because these are declining resources but we've been successful so far in replacing what we've mined each year."
According to the 1999 National Academy of Sciences report Hardrock Mining on Federal Lands, more than 157,000 acres are already being mined or are affected by active mining exploration.
Even though the Vietnamese defense officials were concerned primarily with mine clearance activities, they showed special interest in the MAIC's efforts to educate the local populace in Quang Tri Province (site of the former DMZ) in ways to spot and avoid mined areas.
Located in the mineral-rich foothills of the Cumberland Mountains, much of the land that now comprises the Daniel Boone has been mined for coal over the last 100 years.
Located 25 kilometres southeast of Timmins, the deposit was discovered in 1987 where 276,700 tonnes grading 2.4 per cent nickel was mined by several operators over a period of seven years until 1996, according to the company's website.
The sad irony, she says, is that virtually all of the gold mined is used for frivolous applications.