mine field

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a tract of land containing explosive mines

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Because of the sharp decrease of the water level in these areas, the water level around these mine fields also decreased to a certain extent with a water level drop of 5-15 m.
The delegation also met local landowners to hear about the challenges created due to the mine field and the benefit of finally having access to their land again.
They would not have been laid in the beach but may have been part of a mine field to stop U-boats.
THEY will cross deserts, scale mountains and manoeuvre mine fields on a 4,000-mile journey of hope.
Here Jackson Lee and Fletcher are stepping off into a political mine field, because of a widely held perception that blacks and immigrants, especially Latinos, compete for jobs.
however, this situation is a mine field. The different perspective mentioned here is that of the educated parent.
At the Palazzo delle Papesse, Siena, from June 2 to September 15, "The Gift: Generous Offerings, Threatening Hospitality" focuses on that ultimate social mine field, gift-giving, and its role in artists' practices.
New mine detection technology is tested on the post in a live mine field. Finally, a demining research center is proposed to be housed on the new University of Missouri Systems Technol ogy Park located at Fort Wood.
Just turn to Person to Person and enjoy the way an elegant, swelegant baseball mind can pick its way through any mine field of explosive questions.
The key aim is to be able to map and clear up mine field and remove any other unexploded devices from houses, surrounding land and infrastructure forming part of the 1998 reconstruction for refugee return programme.
This is a devastating book: fourteen essays by six scholars (six of them by the editor himself) take us into the mine field of the early modern English royal estate; and if some of the mines are exploded round us, we are led safely out again, with infinitely better understanding and the feeling that the claim that this is "the first full account of the largest estate in early modern England" is entirely justified.
The Jewish-black conflict had long been a sensitive subject, a mine field for reporters.
Somehow she finds time to work on a book, tentatively titled Mine Field, which will chronicle her life and her efforts to keep a dance company alive.
In this evolution, it is important that high-level managers not lose their entrepreneurial spirit and become "organization men." And, they must extend their risk-taking ethos to their marketing programs, even though this may be unfamiliar territory, which some may liken to a mine field. Recognizing some of the major pitfalls makes developing an effective marketing program much less intimidating.
According to forester Cross, when newly planted seedlings needed protection during a war game, the site was designated a mine field for the duration of the exercise.