mine disposal

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the disposal of explosive mines

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Caption: Atlas Elektronik's SeaFox Explosive Mine Disposal System is available in both training/inspection and single-shot mine disposal versions and is in service with ten navies [c] NATO
The former Royal Engineer, from Leicester, was working for UK-based mine disposal company Armor Group in support a UN project.
I didn't ride for 18 years,' said the winning rider, who works in mine disposal for the Halo Trust.
No doubt hundreds rained down on Coventry during the Second World War and it was the job of the Royal Navy's Mine Disposal Unit to defuse and make safe any which did not explode on impact.
The contract covered further development of the current version of the ammunition and mine disposal system EOD IS and the development of EOD IS version 3, Know IT said.
The head of the Cambodian lower house said his country has begun providing its share of support to Afghanistan, as it dispatched its land mine disposal experts to the country through the United Nations, the officials said.
Noel, a former lieutenant with the Royal Navy bomb and mine disposal unit, has just finished a gruelling tour of BBC local radio stations promoting his plans to publish his memoirs in a unique book of wartime experiences called 'All Mine
M23 VX land mine disposal campaign at the Johnston Atoll Chemical Agent Disposal System (JACADS) on Johnston Island.
However, we have provided the Safety Minefield Shoes to some of our existing clients in the mine disposal market on a trial basis, and have received enthusiastic responses regarding their capabilities.
NDI, designs and manufactures mine disposal charge systems for the naval defence industry.
He had joined the Royal Navy in August 1939 as an Able Seaman, joining HMS Defiance for his training in mine disposal and as a torpedo man.
Not far from Raytheon, also making waves, was Atlas Electronik, where president and CEO Rick Gerbrecht was showcasing the SeaFox C, a fibre optic-guided, one-shot mine disposal vehicle for naval mines and other ordnance found at sea.
The ship has a mine disposal system called Sea Fox consisting of remote controlled submersibles.
This will include fitting the new hull-mounted Sonar 2193 system, propulsion, command and control systems, and mine disposal systems.
Robots, in this context, can range from mine disposal systems and unmanned tanks to fully autonomous airborne and submarine systems.