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in an unreasonably senseless manner


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When we mindlessly munch on high calorie foods such as nuts and dried fruit it is a recipe for disaster when it comes to weight gain.
After doing some refining, some of us got lazy and went back to mindlessly cycling arrows.
What is wrong with these selfish, mindlessly destructive people that they cannot see something and stop, smile, enjoy and appreciate the talent and hard work of these ladies, and then walk on and leave things for other people to enjoy also?
Plastered in make-up and mindlessly laughing away, her clown character performance truly did freak me out.
The initial data indicate these critters use light sensors, mindlessly, to blend into their environment.
He walks mindlessly, maniacally Across the desert, like a Sam
After spinning out an inventive series of betrayals, the film can't think of a clever solution and so mindlessly bulldozes through plot-holes to the explosive finale.
The F&F films have developed into a delightfully over-the-top, mindlessly exciting series - more Bond than the street car film it began with - and serves up some cool, stylish, silly fun.
Trees are worth the money but it's a shame when small ones get mindlessly damaged and keep having to be replaced.
Even if we do the right thing at the right time, it's easy to miss something if we're distracted while mindlessly performing our habit.
The year is 1857, zombies suffering from the clockwork plague stagger mindlessly through the streets of London, and insane geniuses in the later stages of the disease, known as clockworkers, are churning out mind-blowing inventions.
Whether it is an urban rioter mindlessly burning down a small shop that serves his community, or a speculator turning his back on the question of who bears the ultimate cost for his acquisitive adventures in the virtual reality of today's financial world, the picture is of atoms spinning apart in the dark.
Studies at Cornell University in America have found that while people eat, they mindlessly look for signals or cues to indicate they've had enough.
Data releases will not contain information that "a typical Lulz Lizard can just abuse mindlessly," Anonymous said.
Instead, the media and government mindlessly repeat a mantra, "no single weather event can ever be directly tied to climate change," contends environmentalist Bill McKibben in a Washington Post essay.