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  • adj

Synonyms for mind-blowing

of such a character as to overwhelm

Synonyms for mind-blowing

intensely affecting the mind especially in producing hallucinations

intensely affecting the mind or emotions

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But that in itself was a mindblower. I'd never seen anything like that in real life.
When it hits the streets in the next few weeks the Vel Satis will be a mindblower, but probably for all the wrong reasons.
And each time will be a mindblower because nobody quite gets it the first time or the second ...
But while controversial subject matter tends to stick in the mind, one decade's mindblower can easily be the next's casual reference point.
For sheer stunning impact, essay nineteen, entitled "Triumph of the Root Heads," though odd-sounding, is a mindblower. It concerns a parasite--actually a barnacle of sorts--that latches on to a crab, penetrates it, and converts the crab into a slave.