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(of hallucinogenic drugs) giving a sense of heightened or broader awareness

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I did have of knowing that Attempting, and sometimes solving, puzzles like these is challenging, mind-expanding and great fun
What The Three-Body Problem offers instead are audacious, mind-expanding extrapolations of known science, fascinating fictional commentary on the interplay of science and politics in present-day China, and storytelling on a grand, wildly ambitious scale.
Edifying and enlightening, Portable Dad is an excellent, mind-expanding browse.
This heart-opening, mind-expanding show featuring the cosmic comedy of Swami Beyondananda comes to CSL Redding to help you wake up laughing and leave laughter in your wake.
Although it'll be the middle of winter, I'm sure it'll be a mind-expanding experience nevertheless.
In their book, Creative Aging, they write that boomers "have decided to go forward and establish a new type of retirement what boomers seem to want in their golden years is the same type of experience sought in their youth: a quest for growth, discovery, and mind-expanding activity.
The winning toys were selected based on the following criteria: innovative and cool; magnetic and engaging for the child; mind-expanding or educational; and an excellent value to the consumer.
London, United Kingdom -- Scientists studying the effects of the psychedelic chemical in magic mushrooms have found the human brain displays a similar pattern of activity during dreams as it does during a mind-expanding drug trip.
This year's finalists had chosen a mind-expanding selection of topics to bring under the microscope fromThe effects of laughing on human health, and The Rusting of the Earth to The gecko's guide to climbing.
It takes the audience on a multi-dimensional, mind-expanding journey to tell the story of a life transformed by The Open University.
It's the perfect book for readers seeking to tie theories of energy and awareness to their daily practice, but beware: one must be ready for a mind-expanding paradigm shift.
Five terrific dancers in different genres tell us what they absorbed from their mind-expanding college days.
I don't think that they enhance Moloney's reputation, nor provide mind-expanding reading for their audience, but then, I don't find horror stories very engaging.
The presentation of a "third way" offers great potential to allow Christians to keep alive their religious faith, while holding fast to the mind-expanding scientific discoveries of our time.
But the stellar E minor Sonata Op109 invited us into the soloist's thoughts, crystalline in articulation, cruelly demanding technical issues easily assimilated into mind-expanding contemplation of what lies beyond our mundane consciousness.