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BEIRUT: Adolescents in Lebanon are increasingly seeking the psychedelic properties of a mind-altering drug, Salvia Divinorum, believed to be the most potent naturally occurring hallucinogen.
Powerful versions of the mind-altering drug are reportedly readily available in the UK and are still legal although it is banned in many countries.
Tests show the pills contain less than 10 per cent ecstasy, or mind-altering drug MDMA.
Softley will direct and produce "Vurt," adapted by Jeff Noon from his own sci-fi thriller about a man whose lover has been transported to another world by a mind-altering drug.
If an over-the-counter medication could perhaps lead to these kinds of situations, imagine what a mind-altering drug like ecstasy could lead to.
Also called "Adam" and "XTC" on the street, Ecstasy is a synthetic, mind-altering drug with amphetamine-like and hallucinogenic properties.
Mark Amerika's first novel, The Kafka Chronicles, functioned as an extended discharge of stylistic static, an anti-narrative as mind-altering drug laced with gamesome puns, rabid politics, good old deconstructive entertainment, and rambling samples of rock lyrics, hiphop rhythms, pop film references, nasty taboos, vegetarian vocabulary, and vogue street talk - all centered on an amorphous search for self-discovery in a cosmos of copulation, control, and selfless Baudrillardian schizophrenia.
This mind-altering drug has been responsible for many deaths.
presently has with handling one mind-altering drug.
He's slyly fed a mind-altering drug that makes him behave like an over-excited dog.
The court sentenced him to life in jail, and another year in jail for consuming a mind-altering drug and six months more for driving under the influence of narcotics.
The Maroon 5 singer said that his experiences taking magic mushrooms - a psychedelic, mind-altering drug - and smoking marijuana helped him to "understand" himself better.
The mind-altering drug was banned in the UK two years ago after it was blamed for several deaths in Britain in 2010.
Armed with a sense of purpose, he returns to his home in corrupt Gotham City and builds his alter ego, intent on cleaning up the town, which is run by a crime lord played with gusto by Tom Wilkinson and a creepy psychiatrist (Cillian Murphy) who possesses a strange, mind-altering drug.
27, 2002 Science that one-time use of the mind-altering drug can severely impair the body's processing of dopamine, an important brain chemical.