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any game designed to exercise the intellect

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deliberate actions of calculated psychological manipulation intended to intimidate or confuse (usually for competitive advantage)

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Actually, the process is much more a mind game, like chess-a contest of power and control, complete with winners and losers.
IT'S been really interesting watching the mind games of Jose Mourinho and Sir Alex Ferguson in the last few days.
Meanwhile Jason Sherlock was involved in a variety of sports at a high level - Gaelic Football, soccer and basketball - and admits that everyone is affected by mind games to an extent.
Now they know we are, they are starting mind games.
The third interactive site is Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong Nou where users can explore the fascinating environments that set the stage for this unique graphic adventure game and have a chance to win a free PC or Mac CD-ROM Eastern Mind game, signed by the game's designer, artist and composer, Osamu Sato.
Will Carling and his bunch of public school fops and army officers thought all they had to do was turn up and win, only for mind game No.
Benitez has sparred on and off the pitch for years with Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho, but refuses to play mind games any more because he says their current teams are not on the same level.
Not an opponent who tried to employ mind games during a stare down.
In a column for the Bristol Post, he said: "If Neil Warnock is playing mind games it means he is worried about Bristol City.
According to reporter, Mirwaiz, who addressed media via social networking sites after Indian government foiled his press conference by placing restrictions around his Nageen residence, said, 'The Government of India and the Indian media have embarked on a consistent policy of playing intricate mind games with all those who consider that Kashmir is a dispute requiring resolution.
None," he said, denying mind games were being played.
Wallace said: "We are aware of the articles, the press conferences and the potential mind games that were thrown about.
Dangerous Games is a short, novella eBook sequel to Mind Games by Teri Terry.
Magician, musician, mentalist, paranormal and psychic entertainer from Greece Amazing Dio will on Wednesday perform mind games -- and in this set of games, no one is safe.