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the imaging of remembered or invented scenes

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I say I see the criminal, in my mind's eye, creeping stealthily into the room of our Ozma and secreting herself, when no one was looking, until the Princess had gone away and the door was closed.
I suppose, if the cat had been gone, instead of the piglet, your mind's eye would see the piglet eating the cat," suggested the Scarecrow.
If you can prove I'm guilty, I'll be willing to die nine times, but a mind's eye is no proof, because the Woggle-Bug has no mind to see with.
The fires of Hell burned fiercely before his mind's eye.
I am a man, and within me is as fine and pure a soul as any man may own," and to his mind's eye came the vision of a fair face surmounted by a mass of loosely waving, golden hair; but the brainless ones could not understand and only shook their heads as they resumed their feeding and forgot the subject.
In her mind's eye she could see the straining naked forms of black men bending rhythmically to the work, and somewhere on that strange deck she knew was the inevitable master-man, conning the vessel in to its anchorage, peering at the dim tree-line of the shore, judging the deceitful night-distances, feeling on his cheek the first fans of the land breeze that was even then beginning to blow, weighing, thinking, measuring, gauging the score or more of ever- shifting forces, through which, by which, and in spite of which he directed the steady equilibrium of his course.
30: BALLYMORE NOVICES HURDLE Brahma Bull, Duc de Genievres, Mind's Eye, Next Destination, Samcro, Scarpeta 2.
Continuing with the Gigginstown choice-of-race theme, the Henry de Bromhead-trained Mind's Eye held engagements in today's opening race as well in the Deloitte.
I can't, in my mind's eye, see any of the Royal Family or Theresa May or her cronies hanging about for hours waiting for treatment - but that's me being unrealistic, silly, and not knowing my place.
MIND'S EYE (Henry de Bromhead) MIND'S Eye made an encouraging start to his career under Rules at Naas.
Those times when life just breezed on by, so green the grass, so blue the sky, mere thoughts away in your mind's eye.
The mind's eye is a canvas, and the neurones work together to project on to it.
It was a sobering thought at such an exciting time but in my mind's eye I saw that equal number of young men in air force blue "bobbing" across the Tyne Bridge and was doubly moved by the sight of that vast multitude.
in my mind's eye, one evening at Camas just saying good-bye, a
Sam has a premonition about his friends' impending doom and as his daydream comes to an end, Sam realises what he saw in his mind's eye and hurries his friends off the bus.