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Synonyms for minatory

expressing, indicating, or warning of an impending danger or misfortune

Synonyms for minatory

threatening or foreshadowing evil or tragic developments

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Samskara uses different characters to symbolize and delineate two faces of natural expression--one benevolent, the other minatory.
Translator's Note: It is doubtful anyone believes, despite protestations to the contrary, that life and art are truly separable: that Nabokov's interest in young women was purely aesthetic or that Kafka's traumatic engagement to Felice Bauer, in the presence of his parents and sisters, had no influence on his work's minatory, juridical character.
In "Alphabets" in The Haw Lantern (1987) Heaney talks in the third person about his own study of Latin in school: "Declensions sang on air like a hosanna / As, column after stratified column, / Book One of Elementa Latina, / Marbled and minatory, rose up in him" (1).
On Wednesday while talking to media outside parliament house he said that government has implemented all terms of International Minatory (IMF) in budget and increased the percentage of general sales tax from 3 to 19 for poor people.
Under Curtis' baton OOTS provided a careful, assiduous accompaniment, with noble horns, minatory trumpets and timpani (what a magisterial opening Tim Farmer tapped out
435) But sustaining this political will is an especially difficult task in the face of prominent IFIs that continuously promote even the minatory elements of land transfers.
Muslims saw that their beloved pluralist America had morphed into a minatory predator and were baffled," writes Ahmed.
For many non-Americans Uncle Sam has a forbidding apperance; he is lean and brisk, wears a tall hat and has eagle eyes, a sharply pointed nose and beard and wags a minatory finger.
Minatory, even apocalyptic, they question the liberal optimism of 'the family of man' (a UNESCO theme of the time from the 1955 photography exhibition curated at MoMA by Edward Steichen), and cast a shadow on postwar technology, an inward glance from 'the age of anxiety".
Auster contrives an eggshell of a device, too precious for the minatory message it hatches about the increasingly virulent split between liberals and conservatives.
His mother kept looking beadily at me and making mildly minatory remarks like: "It's so sad, as you know James has this terrible skin condition called psoriasis.
principles are intertwined with minatory religious speech, see, e.
The value received by the host may be no more than a cessation of the domestic minatory activities of the terrorists.
We do not know which is more minatory, the explosion of radical Islam or the West's supine response to its depredations.
No one as perspicacious as Edward Said, in other words, could make such a convincing and eloquent argument for the theoretical connections between postcolonial historiography, classical music, and anti-imperialist politics that speaks not simply to his exceptional gifts as a comparative critic and an intellectual, as it does to the development and reinvention of what could loosely be called a contesting and politically minatory secular humanism.