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Synonyms for minatory

expressing, indicating, or warning of an impending danger or misfortune

Synonyms for minatory

threatening or foreshadowing evil or tragic developments

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And her minatory role and simmering political activism finally climaxed in her entry into active politics when she accepted the Combined Opposition Parties (COP) nomination on September 16, 1964, in the ensuing presidential elections.
The resolution, which was passed with unanimous vote, was presented by the PMLF minatory lawmaker Nand Kumar.
B Vendors Registered With Railways Up To The Minatory Limit Of Their Registration For The Items Tendered Or Trade Groups Of The Items Tendered.
4 DAS SPEKTRUM EUROPAS (Cristi Puiu) In this minatory bedroom farce, Puiu's contribution to the anthology film The Bridges of Sarajevo.
Unlike the identity-politics left, the Fordham law professor did not demonize rural Yorkers as minatory hayseeds; she even criticized Cuomo's hated SAFE Act, which is less a serious attempt at crime control than a symbol of rural subjugation.
She was deeply religious in a narrow Sectarian manner, and Ruskin's early life was dominated by Bible readings and by the swelling, minatory cadences of low-church sermons.
Inside the woman-as-mirror, behind this depersonified reflector of the external world, lurks the minatory force that will emerge with full power and vengeance in some of the Ariel poems.
That visual did not quite reassure them because of a counter visual that scares them -- of a thug masquerading as a Hindu holding a Hindu epic's DVD in one hand and a minatory trishul in the other.
Adopting the kind of minatory approach embodied in the recent resolution does not serve a useful purpose and there is no advantage in following others in that course.
Samskara uses different characters to symbolize and delineate two faces of natural expression--one benevolent, the other minatory.
She was the vortex of the scenes she observed and overheard, and she became the creator of their satirical transformation into cartoons that are miniature, minatory, funny, and even grotesque.
In "Alphabets" in The Haw Lantern (1987) Heaney talks in the third person about his own study of Latin in school: "Declensions sang on air like a hosanna / As, column after stratified column, / Book One of Elementa Latina, / Marbled and minatory, rose up in him" (1).
Such a connection with magic (linked with astrology), demons, and astronomy (so, both science and religion) may have had just the kind of impact that charged the word with its mysterious and minatory aura.
Translator's Note: It is doubtful anyone believes, despite protestations to the contrary, that life and art are truly separable: that Nabokov's interest in young women was purely aesthetic or that Kafka's traumatic engagement to Felice Bauer, in the presence of his parents and sisters, had no influence on his work's minatory, juridical character.