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slender tower with balconies

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The unillumined peaks and minarets, hovering vague and phantom-like above us while the others were painfully white and strong with snow and moonlight, made a peculiar effect.
I caught a glimpse of the octagon minarets of this town, which was at one time the richest commercial magazine on the coast.
Beyond the wall rose the domes of several structures and numerous minarets dotted the sky line of the city.
And on the far side of the valley lay what appeared to be a mighty city, its great walls, its lofty spires, its turrets, minarets, and domes showing red and yellow in the sunlight.
Its dense array of houses swells upward from the water's edge, and spreads over the domes of many hills; and the gardens that peep out here and there, the great globes of the mosques, and the countless minarets that meet the eye every where, invest the metropolis with the quaint Oriental aspect one dreams of when he reads books of eastern travel.
I, the Parisian par essence , I who have reigned in the faubourgs, and have been called King of the Halles, - I am going to pass from the Place Maubert to the minarets of Gigelli; from a Frondeur I am becoming an adventurer!"
Then the blazing eye swept onward across the burnished domes and graceful minarets, down into court and park and garden to pause at last upon the ersite bench and the girl standing there beside it, her face upturned full toward the flier.
Ces travaux, inities apres la chute du plus haut minaret de la mosquee, sont termines.
Kabul (BNA) During a meeting with the Deputy Minister of Information and Culture on Cultural Affairs, the UNESCO Director General experts handed over some documents relating to researches about the Jam minaret, BNA said on Tuesday.
The 451-foot minaret of the mosque is the tallest concrete minaret in the world, recognized by Guinness World Records.
The illegal construction of the minaret on the Ali Pasha Mosque in Ohrid hasn't really stopped, the local Sovest civil society organization has said.
Historical Indian monument and a symbol of its Hyderabad state, Charminar, has been damaged after a chunk of its minaret fell off on 1 May, three years after the building's four minarets were restored in 2016 by Archaeological Survey of India.
Summary: Nagaon (Assam) [India], Apr 26 (ANI): Aiming to preserve its ancient architecture, a group of architects is engaged in lifting the two-storeyed minaret of a historic 100-year-old mosque to move it to a different location at Nagaon's Puranigudam.
The piece is inspired by the minaret of the Great Mosque of Aleppo, once an iconic landmark of the Syrian city that is now in ruins.
"They said, 'we are opening the mosque' but I said, why isn't there a minaret? Can a church be a church without a bell tower?" he said, describing his talks with Tsipras.