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the imitative representation of nature and human behavior in art and literature

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any disease that shows symptoms characteristic of another disease

the representation of another person's words in a speech

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Attia's concerns with mimesis and repair are wedged within a broader discussion of the relationship between culture (stuff we've made) and nature (stuff we didn't make).
Indeed, even if the question of non-literary uses of portraiture is cast aside, why Gothic fiction rather than its larger category of domestic fiction, in which portraits, resemblance, mimesis, and--in fact--character sketching as both a visual and verbal art are rampant?
At its conclusion, Lawtoo says that the clinical pathology of the book leads to the understanding that "the ego is an effect of mimesis, rather than its cause; there is no ego prior to imitation, but it is imitation that generates the ego" (283).
The concept of mimesis reaches across varied fields by different names.
It is not "the simple mechanical Platonic mirror that repeats and copies our movements and the appearance of reality" (151); rather, it is an Aristotelian mirror: "Artistic mimesis is, then, a means of exposing the true nature of things" (151).
This paper argues that the psychology of mimesis presupposed by Poetics 4 is immediately relevant to Aristotle's psychology of tragic mimesis.
The play produced by Tunisian Mimesis Art Company was among a list of six plays representing Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Brazil and Russia.
She investigates this rhythmic mimesis in the short fiction of three closely networked writers: D.
EL OBJETIVO DE ESTE ENSAYO es analizar algunas posiciones filosoficas sobre la mimesis a fin de mostrar que esta dimension humana esta constituida por una tension paradojica que no se resuelve anulando ninguno de los polos, sino que la propia tension paradojica debe ser asumida como constitutiva de la mimesis (1).
'Young people pick a fast-paced book for their short getaway or try to read a book during the weekends because they've grown tired of sensational news,' said Kim Mi-jeong, editor at publisher Mimesis.