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a rotary duplicator that uses a stencil through which ink is pressed (trade mark Roneo)

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Hill's research--citing her study of studio publicity films in the absence of archival sources--indicates that mimeograph machine operators were men who worked in an annex to the stenographic department.
One of them was a pamphleteering radical with a mimeograph machine. He introduced himself only as "Demian," which, even at the time, I thought was an unlikely and pretentious name.
IS IT POSSIBLE THAT face-to-face technology training for teachers is going the way of the mimeograph machine? Not so fast.
There were no copying machines and most independent appraisers could not afford a mimeograph machine. Carbon paper was good, but not too clear after the fourth or filth copy.
His name was Harvey Purdy, and he was the lowest person on the office totem pole--he ran the mimeograph machine and distributed the mail.
"That means the one who types and cranks out the copies on a mimeograph machine.
The ETC Group also wants nanotechnology regulation to be "transparent, democratic and involve those who are potential/y adversely affected by new technologies." That last proviso might have given whale oil entrepreneurs the power to veto electric lighting or allowed mimeograph machine manufacturers to nix photocopiers.
"It is perhaps only in retrospect that you realize that having a mimeograph machine in the attic constantly cranking out leaflets might not be the norm."
As a newlywed, Gainey got a job in the clerk's office on October 1, 1955, when opinions were typed on manual typewriters onto stencils and cranked through a mimeograph machine for copies.
The essential message of this leaflet was adopted by the leadership group, and some 7,000 copies, with the enthusiastic support of Martin Luther King Jr., were hurriedly run off on the mimeograph machine of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church.
In 1967, with $400 from an honorarium, he bought a used mimeograph machine, and with the help of poets Johari Amini and Carolyn Rodgers founded Third World Press in the basement of his Southside Chicago apartment.
When they began they provided the art on stencils or the church mimeograph machine, then later, die-impressed stencils.
Using an old Remington office typewriter, I typed it up on purple wax forms, handcranked it out on the Mimeograph machine, collated and stapled the two pages together, typed the envelopes, licked the stamps, folded, inserted the two-page release, licked the envelopes and took them to the post office.
As Bernice McNair Barnett's study of two southern black women's organizations in the 1950s reminds us, one professor's access to a mimeograph machine or the ability of cooks and domestic workers to gather information in their employers' households generated increments of leverage in the on-going struggles for civil rights.