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Synonyms for milt

fish sperm or sperm-filled reproductive gland


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seminal fluid produced by male fish

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Milt and I would collaborate on his "Letter from the Publisher" column that appeared in every issue.
Henri Van Doesburg, 68, and Arnold Van Milt, 49, caged | |for trying to sneak PS16m of cocaine into Scotland
It's blended into all kinds of tobacco products--cigarettes, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco," said Mr Milt.
Small incisions were made into the lobes of testes, the milt was squeezed out into a Petri dish and volume of the milt (ml) was measured using a syringe and a drop of milt from the syringe is equivalent to 0.
Milt, unfortunately, has had the opposite experience.
The way Milt embraced life's various challenges with dignity and optimism in the face of racism, was a great lesson to us all.
Playing the changes; Milt Hinton's life in stories and photographs.
Hilda's son Milt stays in Vicksburg with his grandmother and Aunt Sissy.
Milt Sherman is a member of both the East Carolina University Athletic Hall of Fame and the North Carolina chapter of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.
At the amusement park, Gollyworld -- named after Golly Gopher, the key cartoon icon created by long-dead animator Milt Appleday (Fred Willard), who also used to peddle edible paint -- Jimmy is in an accident.
Largest Sale by Milt Charbonneau, SIOR of Colliers Houston, for the sale of Quakerbridge Plaza Office Park; Largest Build-to-Suit by Tom Monahan, SIOR of Colliers Houston, for FedEx.
Here are the stories of John Bull, Pat Desmond, Mart Duggan, Milt Yarberry, Dan Tucker, George Goodell, Bill Standifer, Charley Perry, Barney Riggs, Dan Bogan, Dave Kemp, and Jeff Kidder.
Surf fishermen who want a basic primer on baits, rigs and lures will find this an excellent compilation of over fifty years of caster/author Milt Rosko's experiences.