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Synonyms for milt

fish sperm or sperm-filled reproductive gland


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seminal fluid produced by male fish

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Commenting on how Indian corporates continue to spend big on corporate travel and the immense potential of exploring great opportunities in Geneva, Jonathan Willi, corporate sales manager, Geneva Convention Bureau, said: "India is one of the fastest growing outbound tourism markets in the world and the Milt Congress is an ideal platform to provide great networking opportunities within the industry experts."
I retired in 2017 after a long, stimulating and happy career as editor of Directors & Boards (something I wish current editor Eve Tahmincioglu will have), with Milt and Bob Rock as my publishers.
The Seattle Aquarium spawning event was different in that the egg deposition and fertilization occurred as a single action, with both fish remaining in place at the spawning cavity, and although the fish were obscured when fertilization happened, they would have become visible at the edges of the milt plume if they moved as described by Wilby (1937).
And a home base literally stands at the cottage's front entrance; it's a nod to Milt's career that's been a feature in every home they've owned together.
Van Milt, plus two others, were arrested at a three-star hotel in nearby Seamill and the gang's diving gear was seized.
The four-week trial heard Van Milt had scuba diving experience and planned to access the drugs in the ship from the outside.
Milt had written long letters back to his friends from each destination--thirty-four letters in all, which the company publicity department eventually collected into a book of memoirs entitled Hasta La Vista (I'll Be Seeing You).
The Scots singer, 33, took the role of Milt Warden for the stage show of From Here to Eternity after a long search by Sir Tim.
Davis Award was awarded to Milt Davis and Nicholas Frederick for their paper presented at Turbo Expo 2011, Investigation Of The Effects Of Inlet Swirl On Compressor Performance And Operability Using A Modified Parallel Compressor Model.
Author Milt Rosko's credentials include hundreds of published articles for magazines such as "Salt Water Sportsman", "Field & Stream", "Outdoor Life", and more; his lifelong love of fishing shows through in his practical-minded, step-by-step advice for everything from selecting and using the right tackle, to which baits and lures are most effective for various fish species, heavy rod-and-reel offshore fishing, wading shallow bays, fishing from jetties and bridges, and much more.
The office will be led by Saudi market veteran, Ali A Milt, previously an executive of Saudi Arabian Airlines.
Dedicated Saudi operations "The opening of our dedicated Saudi operations is indicative of the continual growth of this market and we are delighted to welcome Ali Milt to the team," said Fouad Attar, managing director, Airbus Middle East.
The New Jersey athletic community was in mourning over the weekend when news broke that Milt Campbell, widely regarded as the state's most important athlete ever, died Friday at the age of 78.
The Olympic gold medallist's former mentor Shane Gould, whose husband Milt Nelms had coached Thorpe, said she first picked up on the tell-tale signs of his depression when he returned from the US in 2006.
He is third in franchise history with 410 games coached and fourth in wins, trailing Art Ross, Milt Schmidt and Don Cherry.