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a workman who designs or erects mills and milling machinery

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Millwright Holdings said the acquisition of Warner perfectly underscores the company's focus on specialist, independent agencies with long-tenured senior teams delivering cross-functional marketing expertise and strong operational performance.
The purpose of the contract will be to furnish labor in the form of mechanical and millwright specialists to undertaken maintenance or corrective actions to various ventilation or pumping station facilities within the Metropolitan Highway System (MHS).
Abdulrehman Amjad, of Millwright Close, dumped two settees in Jays Avenue, Tipton.
He worked for Wyman Gordon in Worcester and Grafton, MA for over 25 years and was a welder, millwright and purchasing/supply technician.
Joining Buhler at the' young age of 17, Oliver was apprenticed to the head millwright, building equipment such as sifters, valves and mills.
Dawn, of Millwright Close, said: "I love to cook and I thought it would be a fun idea.
Prince William Sound Community College had a booth at the bi-annual mining event in Anchorage to get the word out about its new distance-delivered millwright program.
Founded in 1799 by John Penn I, a millwright from Somerset, it became one of the major engineering firms in the London area.
Marion Equipment Company, LLC Northeast Millwright Co.
By eating 23 hot cross buns in 35 minutes, an apprentice millwright won an annual Good Friday eating contest at an Oldbury factory.
On July 11, 2004, the millwright was performing a maintenance task of adjusting belts and a tray on the loader-press-unloader of an automated particleboard press line when the loader press cycled.
The graduate of the Millwright apprenticeship program is a certified journeyperson who will be able to: (1) understand the principles of sound and safe trade practice; (2) interpret drawings, plans, and be able to layout and develop projects according to specifications; (3) use the tools of the trade in a safe and proper manner; (4) relate to the work of other tradespeople employed in the industry either on construction or in maintenance; (5) perform assigned tasks in accordance with quality and production standards required in industry; and (6) perform assigned tasks in accordance with quality and production standards required by industry.
Jake Giesbrecht is a recycling plant manager now, but his work experience includes several years as a millwright working with machinery by building, installing and servicing it.
Mr Pryce, a 48-year-old millwright, said: ``There was this couple fishing and she must have lost her balance.