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Synonyms for millwheel

water wheel that is used to drive machinery in a mill

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He conscientiously remained a good provider, however, binding himself to the millwheel of hackwork that was killing him--artistically, at the very least.
What is the current of water which turns a millwheel known as?
Try out a range of activities including pond-dipping, millwheel building and woodcarving at this family day.
To the image of Virgil skidding downhill on his back, while clasping Dante to his chest, Dante adds the simile of water coursing through a sluice to turn the regularly spaced vanes of a millwheel. This simile can serve as an image of the relation of lines and stanzas, like regular vanes, to the surging fluid of the sentence.
The program will close with two songs from Canada, the folksong ``J'entends le Moulin (I Hear the Millwheel)'' and the contemporary song "We Rise Again," whose lyrics "We rise again in the faces of our children / We rise again in the voices of our song" strike Retallack as the perfect sentiment on which to end the concert.