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Millstone Unit 3 continues to operate normally at 100% power and Millstone Unit 1 remains in its decommissioned state.
This expansion gives us the opportunity to grow in parallel with our customers," says Karl Neuberger, president of Millstone MS.
The added capacity allows us to better serve our customers," said Tom Williams, president of Millstone.
Chapters 1-6 present the development of quern and millstone technology, from the saddle querns and rock mortars of the late Palaeolithic, through Iron Age rotary querns, and Olynthus- and Pompeian-style mills of the Greek and Roman periods, to the water mills of the Roman and Late Antique periods.
But they also occur in small numbers in Central Australia, where the 'rocking' action is occasionally used for the initial pulverising of acacia seed (Devitt 1983), generally on the flatter parts of a millstone.
8220;This appointment confirms the concerns of many that DEEP is an industry puppet when it comes to Millstone.
The agency approved a similar request for the Millstone 2 unit in April.
With these numbers, we anticipate The Millstone will be popular amongst residents who have rented for a number of years and are now ready to own a home in Long Island City.
FULL STORY: PAGE 3 HOSPITAL 'MILLSTONE' THE huge cost of Coventry's super-hospital will be a millstone around the city's neck for decades, it was claimed today.
People travel for miles for dinner at the Millstone.
British Pepper & Spice (BPS), one of the UK's largest suppliers of herbs and spices to leading retailers and food manufacturers is now giving consumers increased access to a comprehensive range of branded herbs and spices through its Millstone brand.
It's like a millstone taken from my neck, because if you've made a $35 million film and it's thrown away, you can't convince anyone - not your wife, not your best friend - that it was any good.
Bishop Antonio Baseotto, assigned to the nation's military, responded angrily in a letter that included a suggestion that Gonzalez be "thrown into the sea with a millstone around his neck," which the bishop later said was a reference to a biblical passage.
Erik Millstone works at the University of Sussex in Science Policy.
11 to create a millstone monument to victims of clergy sexual abuse.