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a unit of power equal to one thousandth of a watt

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The company announced continuous wave (CW) lifetime in excess of 100 hours with an operating output power of 1 to 3 milliwatts.
Each beam is only about half a degree wide and is very low power -- 30 milliwatts, about the same as an illuminated watch.
According to Toshiba officials, the chip features low capacitance on-chip connections, without any degradation in performance; power dissipation is 80 milliwatts.
And the laser is safe--only 5 milliwatts in strength.
The intention of the program is to develop a one cubic centimeter AlphaVoltaic (AV) battery that can deliver 35 milliwatts continuously for many months to many years.
Li's group created a power-sipping sensing chip that consumed just 5 milliwatts, or 40 milliwatts when combined with a sampling jet to help pick up chemical traces.
a provider of broadband wireless technology, announced recently that the FCC, under Part 15C, certified Teletronics' 11Mbps Wireless LAN Card with up to 233 milliWatts (mW) of transmit power and detachable antenna (FCC Identifier--MFM-11-136).
Within a few days of being placed in the sediments, prototype fuel cells were producing several milliwatts of power.
SiCortex, the first company to engineer a Linux cluster from the silicon up, is dedicated to the spread of open teraflop computing to a wide variety of users by providing "Teraflops from Milliwatts.
Based on a low voltage process and proprietary power control logic, the EM8510 provides a complete one-chip decoder solution using less than 500 milliwatts of power.