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a unit of power equal to one thousandth of a watt

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"Although it is not necessarily the fault of the online market places, but the traders putting them on sale, saying they are one milliwatt when they are not.
Unfortunately this approach consumes several hundred milliwatts of power, meaning heavier batteries and shorter battery life.
Ann Makosinski measured that about 57 milliwatts on heat can be generated from the heat of your palm and she needed about half a milliwatt for an LED light.
Its features include: milliwatt of power consumption, high conversion efficiency and an overall size of 30 mm x 20 mm x 1.5 mm for flat and narrow spaces.
It runs on little energy--on a quarter of a milliwatt of electricity.
* Applicability as a generic power supply utilizing waste to drive milliwatt.
The sensor uses a milliwatt laser shone through a small container of rubidium gas.
Mounting the device to a hot side of 20[degrees]C above ambient is believed to result in a milliwatt net output, equal to about 3 AA cells per year.
The system has a bit-error rate of one error per billion bits and uses milliwatt transmitted power levels, Kavehrad says.
According to the paper, while the scientists point out that glucose would be "easier to obtain" than other fuel cell power sources, such as hydrogen, the energy efficiency of glucose remains low, with researchers currently capable of producing power "only in the milliwatt range."
Era now features a direct CPRI interface to Nokia baseband units (BBUs) and a family of remotes ranging in power from 60 milliwatts to 20 watts, to support virtually any building structure and its adjacent outdoor spaces.
The two telcos showed mixed results in terms of signal strength and voice quality, which were measured in decibel milliwatts or dBm.
In order to be consistent with observations of basal hydrology in Marie Byrd Land, the upper bound on the plume-derived geothermal heat flux is 150 milliwatts per square meter.