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a unit of angular distance equal to one thousandth of a radian

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Now the kicker: You must have adjustments that are in milliradian clicks, each click being .
Although the mil dot was fashioned by the Marine Corps for long-range sniping, "mil" does not mean military; it's an abbreviation for milliradian, a measure of arc.
The space between the centers of two adjacent dots is one milliradian, or mil-radian.
Agile Eyes, a low-drag, fiber-optic towed decoy under development by Sanders for the US Navy, employs a series of control sensors that will track missiles after motor shutdown with milliradian accuracy, giving it about the same accuracy as RF sensors.
Mildots make this relatively easy, since they're spaced 1/10th of a milliradian apart.
Tactical-style scopes have hashmarks denoting some fraction of a milliradian or a minute of angle, and probably most tactical-scope shooters prefer to use a ballistic program in the field to tell exactly how many clicks are needed.