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by a factor of a million

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This left WFPC2 to probe the bright core of the recent Comet 17P/Holmes, which brightened by nearly a millionfold in a 24-hour period in October 2007.
In 1912, the Polish writer Stanislaw Pienkowski wrote: "The Jews in their millionfold masses are streaming into the Polish language, into our culture, into a community of feeling and spirit with us!
I lolled about one winter afternoon In Stonington--rather, a whole precarious Vocabulary of each different cell, Enzyme, ion, what not, millionfold (Down to the last bacterial organelle) Particles that "show a tendency" To form the person and the moods of me Lolled about.
A millionfold increase in performance would allow reliable prediction of regional and local effects of certain pollutants on the atmosphere.
Our love is multiplied a millionfold. This is the ultimate significance of resting fully in the present moment.
The bacteriocins reduced the numbers of Campylobacter by a millionfold when fed to chickens.
But since the break-up of his marriage, a horribly painful experience that must be magnified a millionfold when conducted under the blaze of publicity that his has attracted, Monty almost seems to be finding solace by referring to it.
'The good outweighs the bad here by about a millionfold.'
From the lowest amount observed in areas with severe endemic goiter to the highest amount prescribed, is a millionfold range.
The United States and seven other countries now rely for their national security on the retaliatory execution of destruction a millionfold greater than the Tuesday attacks.
The neural images are much less clear at night, even though the eyes undergo large circadian increases of sensitivity that nearly compensate for the millionfold decrease in underwater lighting after sundown.
Hung found that soaking cutting boards in warm electrolyzed water for just five minutes reduced bacteria by up to one millionfold.
With arrays of radio telescopes spanning continents and extending into space, interferometry has given astronomers millionfold gains in their ability to discern detail in radiowave-emitting objects.
By the end of the next century, SETI will have expanded its search a millionfold, thanks to increased funding, new technology, and public interest.
That silence, the habitat of the imagination, not only allows us to grow the spore of identity but, multiplied a millionfold, creates the rich loam in which a genuine democracy thrives.