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Synonyms for milliner

someone who makes and sells hats

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I am sorry I haven't got anything for you,' said the milliner, shaking her head.
Why should you do that,' returned the milliner, 'with me before you?
I am afraid you are so weak, you see,' the milliner objected.
And you are so very, very little, you see,' the milliner objected.
An Air Force veteran, Milliner previously served in community liaison roles for U.
TOP milliner Marie Flanagan works hard to give her clients the hat they dream of wearing.
If you crave a hat from the queen's own milliner, you have to get to the right place in Central London.
ANORTHUMBRIAN milliner is celebrating her first year in business by being invited to showcase her creations at two international exhibitions.
MAGNIFICENT Merseyside milliner Janice Charles is still trying to get her head around the stir some of her show-stopping hats caused during Ladies' Day at Royal Ascot.
An officer masqueraded as a mum willing to let Simon Milliner, 47, have her fictitious girl, the court in Sydney, Australia, heard.
Milliner Rebekah helps a customer find a choice hat at her stall at the BurJuman exhibition Image Credit: Kevin Philip/XPRESS
This year there were two categories - Best Established Milliner and Best Up And Coming Milliner - and the theme was "Garden Party".
Why is someone who makes clothes called a tailor, someone who makes hats called a milliner, and someone who makes shoes called a cobbler?
Those who are shown her warmer side are few and far between, and one of the lucky ones is South Africanborn milliner Albertus Swanepoel.