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a sensitive ammeter graduated in milliamperes

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3) is measured by a milliammeter designed especially for the purpose.
B" for measuring the currents in the sections 1-2 and 39-40 of the manganin wire are actually milliammeters, but their 100- division scales are marked "microvolts" to indicate the value of the fall of potential in sections 1-2 and 39-40.
The accuracy of direct-current milliammeters in which the entire current to be measured flows through the moving coil is almost independent of changes of the instrument temperature, because (1) no change in the distribution of the measured current between the moving coil end a shunt circuit around it can occur as a result of change of temperature; (2) the small temperature coefficient of magnetic flux density in the air gap (about 0.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Ac/Dc Clamp Milliammeter And Torque Screw Driver
22 - automatic switches for a voltage not exceeding 1000 V (switches, electric bells, auxiliary contacts, connectors, sockets, control buttons, auxiliary contacts, boxes, milliammeters, switches, Posts push-button, relay sockets LED lamps, Alarm, push buttons); Lot 3 - 27.