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Synonyms for millenarian

a person who believes in the coming of the millennium (a time of great peace and prosperity)

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relating to or believing in the millennium of peace and happiness


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Nonetheless, social scientists still dub them millenarian for their shared sensibilities with Christian millennialism.
Newell traces this millenarian sensibility to the writings of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who emerges as the biggest villain in a book with no shortage of claimants to the title.
So too was the Russian Revolution a religious civil war, the Bolshevik cause as messianic and millenarian in vision as it was antireligious in doctrine.
Israel is well aware of the genocidal mythological beliefs of religious Zionist millenarians who want to spark off a genocidal war in the Middle East in order to expedite the appearance of the redeemer or Jewish Messiah.
The religious group, which originated in the USA in the late 19th century, are classed as a millenarian restorationist Christian denomination, who count the bible as the true voice of God and only believe in ideas and values that agree with its teachings.
In chapter one, Houston introduces readers to a group of radical women who were active in millenarian and socialist feminist movements of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.
Antoinette and the three men and one woman who kidnapped her are all of French Caribbean origin, and met at a gathering of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, a protestant millenarian group that has millions of followers in the US and worldwide, and 13,000 in France.
The diversification of the economy is the key to attract investment and preserve the millenarian s traditions through projects such as ecotourism and training , he said.
At the end of my article, I pointed out that we may see the first millenarian born in this century as we unlock the mysteries of DNA and learn to build a health firewall around us.
For generations of Southeast Asianists, the storylines of the Saya San Rebellion in colonial Burma seemed well known and widely accepted--in the early 1930s the millenarian seer Saya San fomented widespread rebellion among the rural masses by channelling the minlaung (pretender-king), promising the return of the lost Burmese monarchy and offering supernatural protection to those willing to storm the bastions of British power.
This week, supremacist millenarian Jews, led by fanatical Likud leader Moshe Feiglin tried to storm the Haram Sharif of Jerusalem.
Restall and Solari argue that the answers we seek must come not from the Maya at all but from across the Atlantic, in the millenarian and apocalyptic beliefs of Western society and, more specifically, in Christian interpretations of the book of Revelation and its images of destruction.
In fact, Ayatollah Khomeini's revolutionary doctrine on Islamic Government was grounded on his novel interpretation of Shiite millenarian teachings about the Mahdi or Hidden Imam.
The arresting title of Wenzel's work is a reference to the oft-repeated claim by prophets of anti-colonial millenarian movements that they could render their followers invulnerable to the weapons of their enemies.
To grasp the essence of how this hyper-democracy has developed, we need to imagine a strategic interplay between the secular-millenarianism that I am suggesting is one of the main forces at work and the well-known ancient and very Gnostic notion of a "kingless" sovereignty on which this debased millenarian form has been able to superimpose itself successfully in modern times.