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Larcom listened to Emerson lecture several times during her years working in the mills at Lowell ("Among Lowell Mill-Girls" 607), and Marchalonis argues that "Emerson became the catalyst that pulled together and gave form to her emerging but confused religious thought" (84).
I also chose this time period because she elsewhere surprisingly asserts, "I count the years spent there among the most valuable years of my life" ("Among Lowell Mill-Girls" 611).
Zaroulis, on the other hand, finds historically faithful ways to spring Sabra from her mill-girl routine, at least temporarily.
Clare is a 24-year old car-mechanic, and knows little if any of the story of the mill-girl turned supermodel.
Visitors are transported to the 1820s as the "ghost" of Annie, a 10-year-old mill-girl, shows scenes of her life and how Robert Owen's reforms so dramatically affected the lives of ordinary people.
Juxtaposing Kelley's speech with Larcom's "Among Mill-Girls" could also spark student inquiry into child labor during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.
(7.) Lucy Larcom, "Among Mill-Girls: A Reminiscence," Atlantic Monthly 48 (November 1881).