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water wheel that is used to drive machinery in a mill

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now the mighty mill wheels and other buildings have been revived, allowing visitors to experience life and labour during the industrial revolution - as well as the lush countryside of the Falls of clyde.
The latter is actually two advantages, because the torrents that ran from the moors turned mill wheels, providing the mills with cheap power, and the water itself was 'soft', that is, with very little mineral and lime content, ideal for scouring or cleaning the raw wool and for the dyeing process.
The water was held back by a series of sluice gates and dams to build up enough pressure to turn the mill wheels.
Their dammed and diverted streams turned mill wheels that ground grain and sawed logs.
Three-year-old Robert Hinchliffe, great great grandson of Zachariah Hinchliffe, founder of yarn spinners Z Hinchliffe and Sons, Hartcliffe Mills, was commissioned in 1961 to press the button that shut down for the last time the great steam engine that kept the huge mill wheels turning.
There were once two mill wheels, now only one and in need of refurbishment.
The building has retained many of its original features with a number of old mill wheels forming part of the paving on the pub's terrace.
The pub has retained many of its features, with old mill wheels forming part of the terrace.