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water wheel that is used to drive machinery in a mill

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Scope of quantity or scope: Oslo municipal borough saws shall procure the delivery of hot food to the mill wheel bosenter.
The original mill, part of which forms the fabric of the present day Old Mill, was built in 1426 and the old mill wheel remains.
Maddy explained: "One of the punishments was a treadmill, a circular mill wheel for grinding.
Control points will be at Square Wood Reservoir, Crow Well, Gunthwaite Spring, Pinfold Sewage Treatment Works, the cattle drinking trough in the field at Papist Hill and at Gunthwaite Mill Wheel.
It's like being lashed to a mill wheel, turning it round and round all year long.
Oliver Lennon, owner of the town's Mill Wheel bar, said: "There are loads of twins round here, there must be something in the beer.
In between them is a 33ft by 20ft music room, flanked by glazed viewing windows for the mill wheel.
There is even a water-driven mill with the traditional mill wheel.
Photos of the decorative Ruiter mill wheel segments that adorn the ceiling of Cowansville's Emmanuel United Church were of special interest to Ruiter descendants who were present.
99) where you can position your figures on the mill wheel to re-enact the cutlass-crashing sword play scenes from the movie.
Plus, there are hordes of cannibals, a runaway mill wheel and a giant, multi-tentacled kraken (a mythical sea monster) to cope with.
The mill wheel is probably creaking as the water from the river turns it, together with the rumbling of the millstones inside the mill as they grind against each other.
Miller Oliver Lloyd and his father John Oliver Lloyd were present as Daily Post journalist Charles Quant conducted the tourTraditional tweed-maker Hugh Pugh, 75, and his wife, pictured left, work their water wheel at Aberarth, Cardigan Bay, in 1953 - shortly before he was due to retireBy 1953, Ernest John Davies was using his defunct mill wheel at Tyn-y-Maes Farm, near Talyllyn, right, to grow flowersMany images have disappeared from both the rural and town environment of North Wales.
The lumber camp, set in gator-infested swamp country as designed by Thomas Lynch, is accented by a towering mill wheel Allen Lee Hughes' atmospheric lighting design makes it look like a century-old daguerreotype scrapbook, adding a subtle evening glow.