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Milkweed is critical to the monarch throughout its lifecycle, but can be difficult to grow, said Laura Vance, Biology Project Leader, BASF.
Ada Limon, Bright Dead Things, Milkweed Editions, 2015.
Monarch caterpillars' sole food source is leaves of the milkweed plant, a perennial flowering herb.
Milkweed Books will occupy the space that once housed St.
Long considered a nuisance plant, milkweed has been disappearing fast in recent decades due to the use of chemical herbicides and deforestation.
I was very surprised when, instead of going on about history, Milkweed goes into the perspective of a boy.
Milkweed growth and the density of monarch eggs and larvae were monitored in two fields in Columbia County, New York, from Jul.
Environmentalists seeking protection for monarchs under the Endangered Species Act said restoring milkweed habitat would help other pollinating insects, too, such as honeybees, whose numbers of managed colonies have dropped by more than 4 million beehives since 1947.
The monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus), icon of American butterflies and animal migrations, is quite picky when it comes to reproducing: Females lay their eggs exclusively on milkweed plants (Asclepias spp.
Milkweed might be best known for being the sole food source of caterpillars that eventually become monarch butterflies.
The decline of butterfly populations is attributed to the loss of milkweed habitat in the US and Canada, illegal logging in Michoacan and Mexico state, and climate change.
The monarch butterflies are supposedly heavily dependant on a particular kind of plant, namely the milkweed plant, for their reproduction process.
A Quebec company is taking a unique approach to cleaning up oil spills by producing the world's only industrial crop of milkweed that will be used as new kind of absorbent.
This last brood will need nectar plants, but Monarchs will only lay their eggs on plants in the milkweed family, Asclepiadaceae.
Caption: Monarch butterflies showed physiological effects of road salting when caterpillars, like the one shown here on a milkweed, fed on plants that picked up extra sodium.