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Synonyms for milky

Synonyms for milky

resembling milk in color not clear

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"So the decision was made to use white chocolate because it is milkier and has a better appearance and texture.
Now dance the lights on lawn and lea, The flocks are whiter down the vale, And milkier every milky sail On winding stream or distant sea: Where now the seamew pipes, or dives In yonder greening gleam, and fly The happy birds, that change their sky To build and brood; that live their lives From land to land: and in my breast.
"I believe that the school's new location will afford our students a wide range of opportunities for in-depth practical legal experience and skills training," said Eugene Milkier, associate professor and associate dean for academic affairs.
Within, all was brightly lit but with a milkier, subtler light than an American hospital would have employed.
Not for those who prefer a milkier taste, either neat or in tea and coffee.
We applaud the bi-partisan leadership of Representatives Young and Milkier and look forward to working to pass this bill."
Another is Le Brique, a soft-ripened rectangular cheese made with a different strain of Penicillium mold, that produces a milder, thinner flor with a milkier taste.
When it comes to tasting, you may find it difficult to tell the difference if you shut your eyes but once you open them, of course, you see that wild salmon has a much milkier, pink colour than the best of farmed salmon.
The chief differences from the older material are that (1) they are sometimes dusted with quartz microcrystals, for an attractive surficial glitter, and (2) unfortunately, the rhodonite color is much paler and milkier than in the deep rose-pink champs of the 1989/1990 strike.
The mucus becomes thinner and milkier. Then, with still more estrogen, it gets clearer and more watery.
In this event, local chefs like Margarita Fores, Pixie Sevilla, Karla Mendoza and Bruce Ricketts will be joined on stage by Sun Kim (Meta), Rishi Naleendra (Cheek by Jowl), Keirin Buck (Le Bon Funk), Bryan Koh (author of 'Milkier Pigs and Violet Gold') and Woo Wai Leong (Restaurant Ibid), all from Singapore; ThiTid Tassannakajohn (Le Du), Thailand; and Vicky Cheng (VEA) and Joe Villanueva (The Wise King), both from Hong Kong.
Both serve Italian coffee, but while the milkier, more mellow taste of Costa has helped that brand to proliferate like Japanese knotweed into other stores, suburbs and petrol stations galore, Caffe Nero's sharper tasting coffee has seen this business grow with a degree of reserve.
This format of instant coffee appeals to consumers in many Asian markets, including South Korea, Thailand and the Philippines, where mild and milkier coffee flavors are preferred over stronger varieties.
Dark, blue-based colours like these will make the skin tone appear milkier, minimising the appearance of redness caused by the cold.