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They took pustular material from the lesion of a milker and used it to inoculate a young boy.
In 2014, the New York State launched a 'Refugee Milker Training Programme' to teach refugees "how to milk cows.
Milker bills are bills proposed with the intention of retracting the proposal once sufficient rents have been collected from those groups or corporations who stand to be adversely affected by the proposed bill.
With a relief milker coming in just four afternoons each week Jeff is assisted only by his wife who does some of the tractor work including scraping up after milkings.
Remember, half those kids or calves will be male, and not every female will grow into a great milker.
Learn about the use of an anaerobic digester and robotic milker, and enjoy lunch in the bakery at Barstow's Longview Farm in Hadley.
And he'll be up at 4am every day to whisk the Tesla over to the farms where he acts as what the dairy industry calls a relief milker.
One of the most visible new technologies in the dairy industry is the robotic milker.
Surgical treatment of hard milker cows by single sphincterostomy incision.
The Smiths were thrilled to discover the Udderly EZ[TM] milker a few years back--a hand-held, trigger-operated vacuum pump so easy that even newcomers to dairy cows could use it.
Mike Henry made his first hand milker because his hands hurt from milking a nanny goat.
Noticing his finest milch-cow missing, the morning milker made it his business to notify Ciaran.
The reservoir fits in a cast iron bracket that has capacity for eight milker inflations assembled on their 'spiders' and housings.
The infection affected cattle and one milker, who developed approximately 10 lesions in his hands and arms.
They are: Mark McLaughlin, promoted to senior vice president of supply chain and human resources; Ronald Izewski, promoted to senior vice president of finance and chief financial officer; Kathy Bassininski, promoted to vice president of brand development and corporate services; Richard Milker, promoted to vice president of technical services; and Keith Von Zup, promoted to vice president of Global Customer development.