military-industrial complex

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a country's military establishment and the industries that produce arms and other military equipment

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Besides, if the forces of "American Caliphate" are put to rest, the American Military-Industrial Complex will have no other excuses to bomb Syria and the rest of the region forever.
The operation of the vast Israeli military-industrial complex largely depends on the willingness of governments, companies and research centers around the world to collaborate with universities and research centers in Israel.
If American citizens do not divert the trillions of dollars and countless natural resources squandered on perpetuating the military-industrial complex to create a civil society based on cooperation, not predation, and a steady-state economic system, the social and economic fabric of this nation will tear into a million pieces.
71-73, 137), but other necessary conditions for a foundation of the military-industrial complex were absent.
Instead of nurturing intra-regional relations, Israel has strengthened its ties to the military-industrial complex abroad.
The US military-industrial complex has benefited from the dispute created by China.
How did apologists for the military-industrial complex react to the possibility of an increase of just 10 percent rather than 18 percent?
corporations as part of the military-industrial complex supplying the allied forces.
It's always been clear that Ike was a prime mover in the creation, expansion, and solidifying of the so-called military-industrial complex.
The Bulgarian military-industrial complex invests between 10% and 30% of its combined profit annually in research and development activities.
After the fifth-generation fighter jet, we must think and get down to work on a next-generation, long-range aviation complex -- our new strategic missile carrier," Putin told a cabinet meeting on Russia s military-industrial complex.
Considerable funds have been invested over the past few years to develop the military-industrial complex.
Aimed at general readers who are interested in US-Soviet relations, this volume contains detailed descriptions of the many strategic programs, studies and methodologies within the military-industrial complex.
It is one thing to have regard for the military and their necessary role in the defense of one's country, but that doesn't justify turning a blind eye to the way that the military-industrial complex has run our country into the ground and stepped on so many people in other countries.
Whoever gets into the White House has to contend with what we used to call the military-industrial complex.
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