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Looking at the way Harry is, I don't think he'd want all his friends to be put through all that panoply, and once you have a groom wearing full military uniform, you're going to have a lot of other people wearing full military uniform.
He said as many as 10 people in military uniform and carrying small guns left the vehicles and asked the van driver to show them the identity cards of all the occupants of the van, including the two guards in the rear.
It is to note that the new military uniform is characterized by light colors, in harmony with the colors of earth and Lebanese nature.
Paner's use of the military uniform, when she was not a member of the Armed Forces, was a form of disrespect, he added.
Two suspects were collecting charity in the market located in block G of North Nazimabad area using the name of an NGO but got arrested by the police of Hydri PS when some people informed the police about their suspected appearance because of the military uniform they were wearing.
Carpenter is alleged to have worn a military uniform and used a banner relating to the Hillsborough Justice Campaign charity on April 14 last year, to dishonestly make a gain for himself.
Kabul police chief, General Mohammad Zahir Zahir in statement said, "A suicide bomber in military uniform carried out the attack on the third floor of the building, where my office is located.
Most Houthis in military uniform remain distinguishable from military personnel through the public display of their slogan (stickers or badges put on their weapons and clothes).
Summary: Men in military uniform raid home of senior Baghdad Sunni politician and whisk him and several of his guards away.
Chol Makur Mangek, another citizen, claimed his money and military uniform was taken away by the soldiers task with carrying out the forceful disarmament.
The 50-year-old wore a military uniform to shoot scenes for his new sci-fi film, All You Need Is Kill, at the landmark.
Mike Aslin, a stalwart of the Teesside Small Gauge Railway at Preston Park, Eaglescliffe, donned military uniform to take the controls of the engine Royal Army Pay Corps.
Police arrested two individuals and seized 222 magazine holsters, garments used for military uniform, eight sewing machines used and different types of materials.
NINEWA / Aswat al-Iraq: Five Yazidis were kidnapped on Tuesday by gunmen in military uniform in west of Mosul, according to a security source.
An official at Iraq's Interior Ministry confirmed the attack and said the victims were 20 men and five women and that the attackers were in military uniform.
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