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But the government's spokesman, Benjamin Grivo, has confirmed that Macron's plan is for compulsory military service and the president has not given up on his idea.
women born in the years 1994-1998 who have qualifications useful for active military service and women who finish their education in schools and medical and veterinary schools as well as in other fields in the school or academic year 2017/2018, including psychology, pharmacy, nursing, if they do not yet have a specific category of fitness for active military service.
I mean every Korean man must complete their military service because it's mandatory.
We simply cannot ignore that 1,150 Kuwaitis failed to comply with an Emiri order regarding the national military service.
was said to have forged papers on behalf of the armed forces that he had completed his military service and tampered with the dates during which he attended the military service.
Karlis Serzants (Greens/ Farmers), the deputy chairman of the Latvian parliamentary committee on defense, interior affairs, and corruption prevention, told LETA that, according to the information previously supplied by Defense Minister Raimonds Bergmanis (Greens/ Farmers), Latvia did not have the required resources to return to compulsory military service.
Tourniquet use in the military services today incorporates 4 key lessons learned over the last 14 years of war.
The administrative body of the state, municipality units, general authorities, public sector companies, business public sector companies, private companies, associations and institutions and employers must keep, to whom is undertaking his military service, staying thereafter or called in for service thereafter amongst the employees, their position or analogous position until the end of the military service, the stay thereafter or the call in thereafter.
The Ministry of Defense approved on the twenty-fifth of last month the draft law of compulsory military service / military service / and submitted it to the State Council for consideration.
A- State permanent or temporary employees, who were summoned to the reserve military service, are granted a paid vacation throughout the period of their service.
10, men aged 27 and older will be exempt from military service in return for paying TL 18,000.
Written by Adel Hamouche Translated by Rabab Housseiny NNA - Is it possible that the military service law, abrogated in 2004 after sectarianism took over the mind of the Lebanese youth, be brought into effect again?
The armed forces of Kyrgyzstan seek to restrict travel abroad for citizens evading from military service, Armed Forces General Staff Conscription Division Chief Col.
Registration and medical checkups for the first batch of recruits in the mandatory military service started on Sunday.
Young Egyptians are protesting mandatory military service by posting photos of themselves holding signs that say things like "No to compulsory military service" and "No to Slavery" on Facebook
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