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armed forces that are not on active duty but can be called in an emergency

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The Ministers also discussed a bill on exempting industrialists and entrepreneurs in industrial cities whose licenses expired from renewal fees, and approved a memo on dispensing the wages of state employees summoned for military reserve services who failed to provide documents regarding their due wages until their status is settled.
Additionally, the PM directed to mobilise funds and material resources needed to summon the military reserve force so that they contribute to securing the forthcoming elections, bearing in mind that security forces are entrusted with safeguarding public order and tracking down terrorists.
So far the operation has been limited to distant air and naval strikes, although Tel Aviv has said a land campaign is possible and has called up 40,000 personnel from its military reserve force.(Cihan/Ria Novosti)
Francis de Sales Choir, and an invocation by Captain Brenda Threatt, a chaplain with the California State Military Reserve. Veterans from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan, joined Gold and Blue Star Mothers and War Dog, Cpl.
Gethin reveals he has decided to join the military reserve force himself.
The Joint Reserve Force oversees the administration of the military reserve program at DLA.
When the military reserve became active once again in the spring of 1874, the first 200 recruits of the North West Mounted Police arrived at the New Fort.
Served as a military police officer with the Ohio Military Reserve and as an auxiliary Trooper with the Ohio State Highway Patrol for 15 years.
The aim of the legislation changes is to recruit 3 500 university students or citizens for the voluntary military reserve.
In anticipation, the report recommended calling up some military reserve units.
North Korean citizens expressed anger Saturday against reports South Korean military reserve units had used photographs of North Korean leaders as targets in live-fire drills.
Jerusalem -- AIC/PNN - Israel's Council for Higher Education plans to approve for the coming academic year the provision of two academic credits for those who serve in military reserve duty.
The team was composed of six MFA diplomats and seven experts in various specific civilian areas, who also serve as officers in military reserve. The five-day intensive program encompassed theoretical and practical training.
Neither his youth - he is 22 - nor the fact the military reserve and his local college had both excluded him as disturbed, nor the fact he was drooling at the mouth, hearing voices and cursing imaginary enemies at the time was enough to persuade the store clerk to refuse to serve him the means of mass murder.
By then a colonel in the California State Military Reserve, Yonehiro was presented the award by Gen.
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