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capability in terms of personnel and materiel that affect the capacity to fight a war

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However the official said the activity did not change their assessment of Pyongyang's military posture.
SEOUL, Jumada I 24, 1437, March 04, 2016, SPA -- North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered his country to be ready to use its nuclear weapons at any time and to turn its military posture to "pre-emptive attack" mode in the face of growing threats from its enemies, official media said on Friday, according to Reuters.
According to the Korean Central News Agency, North Korea will also revise its military posture to address threats on a "pre-emptive basis.
But Preble and Muellers volume constitutes an antidote to America's tendency to imagine grave peril, and serves as an important counter to the American proclivity to overstate the benefits and understate the costs of an assertive global military posture.
As so often in this account, Ottawa spoke with its own (albeit modest) voice while properly playing the role of good ally in providing some small measure of substance to the NATO military posture largely crafted in Washington.
In July, the Japanese Parliament approved new bills that would dramatically change Japan's military posture.
Abe, a robust nationalist, has pushed for what he calls a normalization of Japan's military posture.
But ongoing changes to NATO's military posture, which are meant in part to deter a Russian intervention, illustrate preparations for longer lasting tensions, he said, Reuters reported.
Given the GCC's record of dragging their feet on building a cohesive defence capability, fears are growing among the alliance members that they will be left in the lurch as the Americans pivot toward Asia to counter the emerging challenge of China,while scaling down their military posture in the Middle East.
Several facets of Croatia's defence and security posture are examined, including its defence procurement processes, military posture and strategic risks.
The first characteristic is whether the Iranian military currently possesses WMDs capability; the second is whether it has a mechanized army; and the third is whether the Iranian Army has developed an offensive or defensive military posture.
military posture to coun-ter or deal with that threat?
NATO members Poland and the Baltic countries Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia have been wary following Crimea's annexation to Russia, demanding a more robust military posture to counter neighboring Russia.
But, as we argued in this space last month, "a credible military posture can't be anchored on absolute dependence on one ally alone, even if that ally is the world's preeminent economic and military power.
The announcement followed other steps taken by the Pentagon to bolster its military posture in Japan, including an October decision to position a second X-band missile defense radar there.
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