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The post Turkish soldier killed setting up military post in north-west Syria appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
El-Arish, Egypt (AP) - Officials in Egypt say militants fired mortar rounds at a military post in the northern Sinai capital of el-Arish, killing three civilians in a nearby residential complex.
A security source told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / The elements of ISIS tried to attack a military post in the Garma area east of Fallujah, and an armed clash erupted with the elements point, resulted in the killing of four elements and two soldiers and wounded a soldier.
Sana'a: At least 15 soldiers, including an officer, were killed and three injured on Friday afternoon when unidentified assailants attacked a military post in the southeastern province of Hadramout, two local senior security officials told Gulf News.
Smoke billows from a Yemeni military truck set on fire during the attack by gunmen on a military post in Shahr yesterday.
Thirteen soldiers were killed and several others wounded when Taliban militants stormed a military post in Sarai Norang area of Lakki Marwat.
The Pakistani official called that as "Indian propaganda aimed to distract public opinion from an attack that was launched by the Indian forces last Sunday against a Pakistani military post which resulted in killing two Pakistani soldiers" Pakistan claims that the Indian forces stormed into a Pakistani military post last Sunday at Haj Beir area and killed one Pakistani soldier and wounded another.
Whether Hu will retain his top military post as chairman of the party's Central Military Commission -- as was the case with his predecessor Jiang Zemin -- is also an issue of debate among observers.
Kim Jong Un, the youngest son and heir apparent of deceased North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, took the top military post of ''supreme commander'' in the Korean People's Army, the country's official news agency said Saturday.
Formerly a key military post on the northern frontier of Britain, Vindolanda is one Europe's most important Roman archeological sites, with live excavations taking place every year.
Clashes spread northeast of Sanaa on Friday, where tribes said in addition to seizing a military post in the Nahm region, they were also fighting government troops at two other positions south of the capital.
According to security officials, the miscreants fired a rocket at military post which missed its target and no injuries or casualties occurred.
Six soldiers and three militants died after the jihadists attacked a military post in the Al-Aqla district, Shabwa province.
The reports said the deaths came after "thugs" attacked a military post.
Summary: Seven people were killed when a military post was attacked near a rally held a day ago in Tehran to protest the re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, radio Payam announced on Tuesday.
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