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a military corps that enforces discipline and guards prisoners

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Thong Narong, Military Police chief in Koh Kong, said the owner of the buffalos and the company had already settled on compensation as of yesterday.
During the ceremony, Maj Faisal Mohammed al Mannai, commander of the Military Police School, delivered a speech in which he highlighted the prominent role the school plays in raising the military efficiency of the military police recruits and providing them with theoretical and practical knowledge of their duties in peace and war.
2) Military police companies were placed in direct support of brigade combat teams throughout major combat operations to better support detention operations.
Once the bill is passed, the military police would receive orders from both the Defense and the Interior Ministers.
Seth Gecse was in Christina's military police unit, and remains in the Army today as an MP investigator.
Women assigned to military police units conducted infantry-style missions to cordon off and search Panamanian neighborhoods for enemy guerrillas--the same type of street fighting that could take place in Baghdad.
She was also the Deputy Provost Marshal at Fort McPherson, Georgia, and commanded its Company B, Military Police, the Forces Command honor guard.
13 Oct -- The Director of Security at NDHQ requests that the investigation be reopened by the military police in Valcartier.
Army Digital MP program aims to identify technologies and promote the development of systems that allow the Military Police to better perform their jobs.
I did not see the incident happen, but according to people near the site, after beating the victim, they brought the victim to Military Police base 672 where his father works,' Savun said.
The military police mission encompasses far more than deployed operations.
Army's Digital MP program, which identifies technology that allows Military Police to better perform their jobs.
Kuy Huot, director of the provincial Department of Agriculture, said more than 10 officials from the Military Police, police and Forestry Administration, raided the location after receiving a tip from an informant.
However, the 613th Military Police Company Soldiers completed preservice training and on-the-job training in 2015.
Army Military Police to provide its VIS III(R) advanced GPS based in-vehicle event triggered AVL (automatic vehicle location) system for the Military Police School at Ft.
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