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A key component for success in military operations is operational security--preventing the enemy from gathering information about friendly capabilities or plan.
Meantime, Deputy Head of Security Research Center Emad Olov said the meeting was linked to the military operations in Afrin region.
Iraqi officials added that the Iraqi government expects that the next military operation in Amara will lead to uncovering large hideouts for heavy and medium-weight weapons such as those found in Basra and Al Sadr City in Baghdad.
They reiterated that the Turkish army's military operations will resume in the same regions in January 2018, and said that Russia will pull out its military troops from Afrin city before January.
Local tribesmen said that nearly 90,000 tribesmen have already fled the agency since last month due to fear of possible military operation in the area against the militants.
Islamabad, July 18 ( ANI ): The Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) chief has urged Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani to explain to the nation the 'so called success' of the ongoing military operations in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).
But the Israeli opposition party was quick to attack Prime Minister Shimon Peres and the military operation that he ordered last month.
Baquba / National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / The Command of the Operations of the Tigris destroyed /8 / caches and detonated a car bomb and found four bodies to Daesh, during the military operation carried out today to track Daesh cells in Hawi Al-Edhaim and Al-Mayta on the border between Diyala and Salah Al-Din.
The Syrian Army in the course of a special military operation in Western Raqqa hit ISIL's positions along the Ithriya-Raqqa Highway, inflicting heavy losses on the Takfiri terrorist group, a field source said, adding that the pro-government forces are attempting to connect the Ithriya-Raqqa Highway from the town of Resafa in Western Raqqa to Ithriya in Eastern Hama.
ISLAMABAD -- Chairman PTI, Imran Khan, Saturday demanded the government must inform the nation if it intends to start a military operation in NWA.
The Pakistani rights organization made the statement on Tuesday, a day after women in Swat held a protest demanding to know the fate of nearly 6,000 men from their area who they say have been missing since a military operation in 2009, according to RFE/RL's Radio Mashaal.
Baquba, Iraq (NINA) - The Tigris Operations Command announced the launch of a military operation to hunt down Daesh cells in the southern districts of Baquba.
After seizing back Zawaya region, the security forces will continue their military operation to take control of Kokajli district inside the city of Mosul," al-Saedi said.
Usman was killed in a military operation in Guindulungan town, Maguindanao on Sunday.
Baquba, Iraq (NINA) - A military operation launched to hunt down Daesh cells in Al-Tabaj basin north-east of Baquba.
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