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brisk marching music suitable for troops marching in a military parade

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The war in Afghanistan has turned into find-an-objective-as-you-go military march to nowhere.
Other trappings of the principality include a constitution, a generic military march for a national anthem and an official motto: Sub umbra sede, or AoSit in the shadeAo.
The music for Spain's national hymn is a military march that dates back to 1761, its author unknown.
Yon last appeared in public at a military march to mark the 60th anniversary of the party's foundation on Oct.
this will include but is no limited too, Christmas Light Switch on; Lincoln Christmas Market; various civic events and military march pasts.
The delegation was informed about BDF's military march since the late 60's, Bahrain's land force, infantry equipment and weapons, air Force's planes, weapons and equipment of Royal Bahrain Naval Force (RBNF) and the Royal Bahrain Naval Force (RBNF).
Labour's Jim Dobbin (Heywood) said it was the first military march on Parliament since the 1649 Bishopsgate Mutiny by Cromwell's New Model Army, while Tory Patrick Mercer, a former Army colonel, said the policy of cuts to the infantry was a "disgrace" and an act of "extreme short-sightedness".
He spoke as the Diamond Jubilee was marked by a military march in Edinburgh watched by Prince Charles.
new national anthem and a military march of the new Libyan revolutionaries'
The symphony has the usual recollections of his early life, with the sounds of the rustic cowbells and the military march which opens the work, but also in the first movement is an expression of his love for his wife, Alma, as he writes a romantic portrait of her.
He was very interested in music and when I composed a military march (Stormin' Norman) in the early 90s I sent him the record and tape (with him being in the Army in the First World War).
The glamour of the uniform and military march music, the military lifestyle with its comradeship, discipline, traditions and patriotic outlook are not things that attract them.
A century later, Gustav Mahler's songs and symphonies initiated a transformation of the military march that had a lasting impact on the Second Viennese School.
Which famous military march was featured in the film The Bridge On The 8.
The SCW also issued another booklet entitled "Women in the Military Field", in which it highlighted Bahraini women's military march, including mainly their contributions to the Bahrain Defence Force (BDF), and the Interior Ministry.
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