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The military man leaned forward, looked into Julie's terrified eyes and in a monotone voice, said: "I'm Captain Johnson.
Military mission fails The feature of the bumper was the gamble from 12-1 to 7-4 favourite on the Don Cantillon original second string, Military Man, ridden by Tony McCoy.
Earlier this month, the military man was made to sign a pledge to pay back the money within two weeks but has so far failed to honor his pledge.
As a retired military man (Second World War, Korea, United Nations in Cyprus and the Middle East) I must refute much of what letter writer Marc B.
Hancock's idea was to paint a portrait of each military man and woman killed since the terrorist attacks of 2001 and give it, free of charge, to the grieving spouse or parents of the dead military person.
Nicolas Cage flexes his impressive pecs in Simon West's action thriller about a military man who, defending his wife outside a bar, kills a man and is sent to prison.
In case anyone doubts that among the reasons for picking a military man was to stick it to Villaraigosa, board member Mike Lansing remarked with unbecoming glee that they had found someone who ``could go toe to toe with the mayor.
A former military man and corporate VP, Benitz is a versatile and resourceful team player who makes sure the client gets all the special attention, while he focuses on the bottom line and "getting things done.
From the former military man who resented being taught by a woman to the charming French-Canadian student who relies on Professor Jaggers to save his life and preserve his romantic outlook (the last, alas, doomed to disappointment), these are fully dimensional sketches of students who left an impression on this unusual humanities professor.
Filmic images of death and carnage are pornography for the military man," he writes in the book.
CEO/former military man Stiles consulted the Constitution and discovered, to his surprise, that aside from authorizing Congress to regulate commerce and mint money, there was no reference to capitalism, corporations, or business at all.
Working as a real estate agent in Seattle, where he lives with his partner, former military man Paul; also speaks to students about sexuality issues and coming out.
Just read Volume 11 Issue 12 and read the letter to the editor from Charlie Ingalls, the American military man cancelling his subscription due to his belief that Esprit de Corps was anti American.
After a whirlwind courtship Brice and Mia marry and return to North Carolina where Brice, a military man, is stationed.
He's a military man, and military men are bound by a natural duty.
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