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the military forces of a nation

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He said, during a meeting with the delegation of the US Institute of Peace, according to a statement by his office, at terrorism does not be confronted by the military machine only, eventhough it is necessary, but the radical solution to terrorism should be accompanied by the intellectual, economic and social approach, blaming the international civil society institutions responsible for redoubling of efforts in addressing terrorist thoughts by showing the importance of peace and acceptance of the other in people's lives.
"The Secret Space Age" includes: Coming of Age in the Secret Space Race; Alternative Three--The Most Dangerous Show Ever Produced; Geoengineering, Chemtrails and Global Dimming; D.U.M.B Projects and the End of the World; Agenda 21, The Population Bomb and the Georgia Guidestones; The Nazi Flying Saucers; Close Encounters of the Totally Germanic Kind; Lasers, UFOs, and SDI -Evidence of the War in Space, Space Warden and the Hidden Military Machine in Orbit; Weapons in Orbit--Arming the High Frontier; Moon Bases, Mars Bases and The Great Beyond; Staffing the Solar War Machine--Mysterious Disappearances, National Parks, and the Break Away Civilization; and so much more.
We do not want to go down the same road as US politics, where senior politicians feel obliged to display the Israeli flag alongside the Stars and Stripes, and a quarter of foreign aid goes to propping up Israel's military machine.
Twenty million Russian dead are testament to their fortitude against an implacable military machine.
At the time the Muslims are closer to God during the holy month of Ramadan, said the Kuwaiti official, "the Israeli barbaric war machine is pounding the brotherly Palestinian people in Gaza Strip killing people and destroying all sorts of life, buildings and infrastructure." Today's foreign ministers' meeting, he said, "is regrettably coinciding with the seventh day of the Israeli military machine's offensive on Gaza that killed more than 170 people and injured over 1,200 others including innocent children, women and elderly." Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled said the UN Security Council failed to live tup "to our expectations and hopes" towards ending this tragedy, but rather released a statement that did not include a request for a ceasefire nor clearly condemning the Israeli hostile acts.
If Ukraine's military machine is not stopped today, there will be many killed and injured.
Leningrad's Communist Party had earlier released a statement saying that for those born and raised in the Soviet Union, "Rambo/Stallone" will always be an embodiment of Cold War and the US military machine.
His annexation of Babylon was to become the platform upon which the Achaemenid military machine built its later vast imperium.
At the ceremony, various brigades and revolutionary leaders who fought the military machine of the former dead dictator for eight months were decorated for bravery and sacrifice.
Britain said that while it was not targeting the leader, it was homing in on his military machine.
Speaking on condition of anonymity, the Israeli official said Gaza's Hamas rulers had already build up a "dangerous military machine" in northern Sinai which could be further strengthened by opening the border.
The Royal Office Minister affirmed that the non presence of military machines in the festival is out of the Sultanate's belief that men rather than the military machine from the base.
THE British Military machine has been involved in 26 political wars since 1899 to present.
"The order was won on the back of three main criteria: the availability of an 'off-the-shelf machine'; the service support that JCB France can provide and the fact that the JCB Group has its own government and defence unit, which underlined our commitment to this sector." The 4CX backhoe, which travels at speeds of up to 40kph, on which the French military machine is based was taken from the commercial range of JCB construction equipment and adapted to the technical specifications needed by the army.
Celebratory firecrackers were lit in Colombo and many other towns across Sri Lanka as national radio and television announced the death of Prabhakaran, 54, who built a ragtag guerilla group into a formidable military machine with ground, sea and air capability.
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