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the military forces of a nation

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Just as a car is made useless with the engine electronics removed, so Saddam's military machine can not function without a few key elements.
Whatever the pessimists say, his military machine is steadily disintegrating.
Missions day after day, night after night have inflicted huge damage on Serbia's military machine.
It says the boycott "contributes to restraining the Israeli military machine, which is used against the Palestinian people".
However, most of Iraq's arms are obsolete and the embargo has had a marked effect on its ability to acquire spare parts and equipment needed to keep the surviving military machine in optimal shape.
The proposals for a compulsory call-up, which would be the first since the Second World War, are understood to be part of effort to meet a government pledge to give the TA a more hands-on role in the Britain's military machine.
And he can no longer move the fuel the military machine needs even where he still has those supplies.
Parts III through Part V deal with the effectiveness of the various aspects of the American-Western Coalition military machine including air, ground, and navy strategy and tactics.
The only previous war crimes prosecutions took place at Nuremburg after the second world war, and those were carried out by victor nations bringing to trial members of the defeated nation's military machine.
After decades of secrecy, we are finally learning the truth about the economy of the former Soviet Union: It was a giant cog in a vast military machine.
Deep underground at a top-secret missile base five hundred miles south of Moscow, the best and brightest of Russia's disintegrating military machine prepare for nuclear war.
This is what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan, where the lack of any civil process and political targets meant that the foreign military machine was dedicated to what should have been a local political task of nation-building.
As well as destroying most of Gaza's infrastructure Israel's military machine has obliterated homes, hospitals, schools and mosques.
The military doctrine is aimed to create an effective military machine of the state, including professional armed forces equipped with modern equipment and armament able to adequately react to military security threats in peace and war time and guaranteeing protection of sovereignty, territorial integrity and constitutional system, implementation of undertaken international commitments.
And after road-testing the latest Range Rover in London, James May pits the luxurious off-roader against a military machine in Nevada.
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