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We hope that the Secretary General, the United Nations and the Security Council will succeed in putting an immediate end to this onslaught against our people, this aggression and to remove all the military formation whether they are official, army, policy, security or armed settlers, vigilantes and other armed Jewish militias away from the Palestinian civilian populations in order to deescalate the situation.
In Australia and New Zealand, the campaign was the first major battle undertaken by a joint military formation, the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC), and is often considered to mark the birth of national consciousness in both of these countries.
Elsewhere, perfectly spaced in what could almost be military formation, beached whales expire in a row on the sand (Approximately 17 of 41 Sperm Whales That Beached and Subsequently Died, Florence, Oregon, June 1979, 1979/2003); a man gazes with inexplicable suspicion at his lawn sprinkler (Hailey, Idaho, June 1980, 1980/2003); and a little girl in a bathing suit stands in the midst of a barren salt flat, near a lonely picnic table and a trash can bearing the legend PITCH IN
Canada would once again have an elite military formation with a distinguished service record capable of responding to the operational needs of the government.
And if you passed by the Nobakht (New Fortune) Elementary School near the Vali'ahd (Crown Prince) Circle sometime in the late 1960s, you might have found me, a little Jewish kid with huge brown eyes, thick black eyebrows, olive-colored skin, and a prominent nose, standing in military formation along with dozens of other little boys and girls, singing with fervor, no doubt a bit off-key, a beautiful nationalist song:
Lt Gen David D McKiernan said from Kuwait: "It would be a hugely bad choice on the part of any Iraqi military formation or leader to employ chemical weapons.
Also on this trail was a precise row of mature trees, positioned as if in military formation along the line of the nurse log that had long since moldered away beneath them.
He retired for good May 30th on the parade ground at Fort Eustis (see sidebar, next page), where he served as the Commander of Troops at his last military formation.
Formal and informal male rites of passage loom large in Alain Schnapp's discussion of images of the civic and military formation of youth in Greek city states; augusto Fraschetti's treatment of such Roman republican rituals as donning the toga or participating in festivals, including those with fertility rituals; and Christiane Marchello-Nizia's study of how medieval French literary texts represented the dubbing of knights and other aspects of "courtly chivalry.
It compels attention not only as the official history of what the Duke of Norfolk memorably describes as a unique military formation working in isolation over an unfriendly horizon but more importantly, perhaps, for the light it sheds on the tense and dangerous East-West military confrontation which existed in post-war Europe.
In a state where there was no military formation, the Police Commissioner was to take over.
Preparations already have begun for a joint military operation between the Congolese army and the UN peacekeeping mission in the country, which has the organization's first-ever military formation authorized to carry out offensive operations.
There wasn't a single area without military formation or military objects," Sladoje said.
He was a proud officer who would assemble the POWs in military formation and read out his announcements.
Now air-accident investigators have called for procedures in dealing with military formation flights to be tightened.
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