military expedition

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a military campaign designed to achieve a specific objective in a foreign country

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Fear emerges in tandem with a military expedition, which automatically means the ruling system is devoid of any popular backing.
The Neutrality Act of 1794 read: "If any person shall within the territory or jurisdiction of the United States begin or set foot or provide or prepare the means for any military expedition or enterprise .
Tone's dogged persistence and commitment in the face of repeated misfortune (the demise of key supporter Lazare Camot and the death of General Lazare Hoche) stands out in Elliott's account, as well as the charm and talents that it took to convince a diverse array of French and Irish emigre politicians of the wisdom of supporting a military expedition to Ireland.
Entries describe events like the appearance of the earliest newspaper in Latin America in 1722, Woodrow Wilson's 1916 military expedition into Mexico in search of Pancho Villa, the birth of Mexican-German mathematician Manuel Berriozal in 1931, Cesar Chavez's announcement of the 1973 United Farm Workers grape and lettuce boycott, and more.
Patriot's Day commemorates the Massachusetts response to a British military expedition to Concord on April 18 and 19, 1775.
Using extensive illustrations, Dr John Macfarlane describes retracing this extraordinary military expedition, which marched 650 kilometres across unknown mountainous terrain in Ethiopia to rescue the British Consul from an 'impregnable' 3,000-metre fortress.
He begins with a chapter that explains the issues that were at stake as the Canadian government ventured into this military expedition.
8220;Taking the model of a military expedition and opening it up to adventurous civilians.
The structures were built along the route of Suleiman the Magnificent's military campaign against Rhodes in order to supply water for his army, AE*ykgE[micro]z says, adding: "Kanuni left ystanbul in early June 1522 on a military expedition against Rhodes, and he arrived in Muy-la and established his headquarters on July 24, 1522.
This is unfortunate because during the fourteenth century the manpower and ships provided by the English merchant fleet underpinned every military expedition.
Ottoman presence in Gaza- Gaza was included in Ottoman territories in 1516 when Yavuz Sultan Selim had a military expedition to Egypt.
To a query he said this time the army will not repeat mistake like Pervez Musharraf as the international community would not accept military expedition.
The technology has already been demonstrated in a range of applications such as ONESuit Pro hazmat suits which offer maximum protection against the permeation of chemical and biological substances in both liquid and vapour form; Coretech ShelterGuard, which is a lightweight, single-skin barrier fabric to reduce set-up and tear-down times for protective shelters, military expedition tents and medical treatment units; Coretech HydroGuard, which is used for CamelBak chemically and biologically stable hydration solutions for potable water supplies and, Coretech EnviroGuard, which is used in protective containers and membranes for the handling and storage of petro-chemicals.
In 1918, President Woodrow Wilson called for a military expedition against the Bolsheviks that would take thousands of American men to Northern Russia.
After Muhammad gained control of Mecca in January 630 and with Arabia heading for unification under Muslim hegemony, Muhammad's only military expedition before his death in 632 was in late 630 when he received the submission of the Christian King of Alia (Aqaba) and of two Jewish settlements in southern Transjordan.
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