military blockade

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the action of an armed force that surrounds a fortified place and isolates it while continuing to attack

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04 ( ANI ): In the ongoing political crisis in the Maldives, 12 reinstated Maldivian parliamentary members managed to enter the Parliament premises in Male on Sunday despite the military blockade.
Losing in public polling, Netanyahu is predisposed to tighten, not ease the military blockade, in order to placate his right wing voters.
The US ship will bring over 3,000 letters of support to a population suffering its fifth continuous decade of de facto occupation, now in the form of a military blockade controlling Gaza's sea and sky, punctuated by frequent deadly military incursions, that has starved Gaza's economy and people to the exact level of cruelty considered acceptable to the domestic population of our own United States, Israel's staunchest ally.
Friday's rocket attack and military strikes also come amid a demand from the UN Human Rights Committee in Geneva that Israel lift its military blockade of Gaza andndash; imposed since Hamas seized power there in June 2007 andndash; and let an independent fact-finding mission investigate its raid on an aid flotilla on May 31 in which nine activists were killed by Israeli soldiers.
He believes that, "Our friends around the world are standing behind our decision and providing international legitimacy for the continuation of a military blockade on Hamas.
IRISH Foreign Affairs minister Michael Martin last night demanded Israel allows humanitarian ship the MV Rachel Corrie through its military blockade of Gaza.
A A A Despite the military blockade imposed on the population, held in the camps in total denial of their basic rights, dozens of them, especially young people, have fled the camps and returned to their homeland after making sure that the separatist thesis is doomed to failure, he said.
The latest incursion followed a series of recent deadly attacks by Israeli troops in the Hamas-ruled territory, which has been under a tight Israeli military blockade for years.
TANKER owners from around the world yesterday called for a anti-pirate military blockade along the coast of Somalia.
Our own boycott of the Palestinian Authority provided cover for Israel to impose on Gaza a military blockade that cut off most Palestinian trade access to the outside world by land, sea and air.
The six-member Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) urges the international community to take quick and effective action to lift the Israeli military blockade on Lebanon.
If violated, "a probation agreement would lay out the stark consequences" endorsed by the UNSC on a rapid timetable, "involving economic isolation, military blockade, and armed action to destroy suspicious nuclear facilities".
According to this document, the reform of the Palestinian Authority cannot be implemented until Israel lifts its military blockade on major Palestinian towns and cities.
More than 15,000 people -- around 10% of the island's population -- are estimated to have died during the war between the Papua New Guinea Defense Force and secessionists, due in part to a military blockade preventing essential medicine and food from reaching Bougainville, which lies 1,200 km east of the capital Port Moresby.
In addition, according to a UN economist, a military blockade isolating each Palestinian town and village from the other in the occupied territories has caused a 13 percent decline in the Palestinians' GDP and a 50 percent increase in their unemployment and poverty levels.